General Hospital Spoilers Next 2 Weeks Ahead: Josslyn’s Request to Sonny, Drew’s New Suspect. What Happened?

General Hospital fans are in for a treat with these upcoming spoilers for the next two weeks! From Josslyn’s special request to Sonny to Drew’s new suspect, there’s plenty of drama to keep viewers on the edge of their seats. Get ready for explosive action and intense emotions as we dive into the latest General Hospital spoilers.

Josslyn’s Risky Alternative! What Happened?

Josslyn is determined to be with Dex Heller, but he’s planning to vanish forever. Josslyn’s solution is to ask Sonny to let Dex quit the mob.

However, this request could raise Sonny’s suspicions, especially with Michael’s truce offer. Will Josslyn convince Sonny to let Dex quit, or will her plan backfire?

Sasha’s Nerve-Wracking Moment! What Happened?

As Sasha prepares to go live on the Home and Heart Channel, she is eager for a positive result. Haven de Havilland objects to working with Sasha, but ultimately caves in.

Cody Bell may come to Sasha’s rescue by calling in as a fake customer. Will Sasha’s presentation go smoothly, or will there be some unexpected hiccups?

Trina’s DNA Test! What Happened?

Trina is moving forward with the DNA test to find out if Curtis Ashford is her biological father. Will the results prove to be the moment of truth or just add to the drama? Trina will soon discover the answer, but will it be what she was hoping for?

Molly’s Diagnosis! What Happened?

Molly is dealing with her endometriosis diagnosis and the possibility that she won’t be able to get pregnant. TJ senses that Molly is shutting him out, and he’s determined to break down her walls.

General Hospital Spoilers Next 2 Weeks Ahead
General Hospital Spoilers Next 2 Weeks Ahead

Meanwhile, Kristina and Sam will have an honest discussion about their worries regarding Molly. How will Molly cope with this news, and what will be the impact on her relationships?

Drew’s New Suspect and Nina’s Problems

Drew Cain settles on a new suspect in his investigation, but will it lead to evidence against Nina Reeves? In that case, Drew’s suspicions could be revealed to Carly Spencer, resulting in significant animosity between her and Nina.

Meanwhile, Nina gets into a fight with Diane, creating even more problems for herself. To make matters worse, Spencer Cassadine launches some conflict, which could drive Esme Prince out of Laura Collins’ home with Ace Cassadine.

Here Comes The End!

From Josslyn’s risky alternative to Trina’s DNA test, the next two weeks of General Hospital are full of intense drama and emotional turmoil.

Will the characters find the answers they’re looking for, or will they be left with more questions than answers? Tune in to find out!

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