General Hospital Spoilers March 27 2023: Elizabeth Worried Over Epiphany’s Silence

The latest episode of General Hospital Spoiler is here, and fans cannot wait to see what twists and turns the show will bring. From Trina being caught in the middle to Victor’s suspicion of Eileen, there is a lot to catch up on. 

So, let us read on for a breakdown of the major plot points in this episode.

Trina Caught in the Middle

In this episode, Trina Robinson finds herself in a tricky situation as Spencer Cassadine confronts Marshall Ashford.

While Marshall is protective of Trina, Spencer makes some wrong assumptions that Marshall corrects him on. Trina is caught in the middle as she tries to keep the peace, and tensions run high between the three characters.

Josslyn Offers to Help with Nurse’s Ball

Josslyn Jacks assures Maxie Jones that she is willing to help out with the Nurses Ball. Maxie’s request may pave the way for an exciting performance by Josslyn and Trina.

Josslyn also takes a few stolen moments with Dex Heller, ensuring he is staying safe, given his risky deception with Sonny Corinthos.

Victor Suspects Eileen

Valentin Cassadine talks to Anna Devane about their future, but it seems impossible to make any real plans until Victor Cassadine is stopped for good.

Deputy Mayor Eileen Ashby tries to make a hasty exit, but Victor insists they’re just getting started.

As Victor checks the coordinates of the necklace, he quickly realizes something’s amiss. Victor begins to suspect that Eileen may know more than she claims to know.

Cameron Grills Esme Over Escape

Cameron Webber confronts Esme Prince after catching her trying to leave with the baby. Esme tries to cover up her escape attempt by pretending she was taking Ace Cassadine for a walk, but Cameron sees through her lies.

General Hospital spoilers March 27 2023: Cameron and Esme
General Hospital spoilers March 27 2023: Cameron and Esme

If Cameron reports the escape attempt to Spencer, it might push Spencer to allow Victor to fabricate evidence against Esme.

Elizabeth Worried Over Epiphany’s Silence

Laura Collins has a heartfelt conversation with Elizabeth Baldwin, promising that she does not blame Liz for ratting out Nikolas Cassadine to the cops.

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Laura Collins supports the ethics committee’s decision as Elizabeth is considered one of the top nurses at GH.

However, Elizabeth is concerned about not receiving Epiphany Johnson’s recommendation letter and worries that there is a deeper reason for Epiphany’s silence.

The episode ends with Elizabeth learning about Epiphany’s sudden death, leaving her devastated.

Closing Words

General Hospital never fails to bring the drama, and this episode is no exception. From Trina’s struggles to Elizabeth’s heartbreak, there is plenty to keep viewers hooked.

Thus, as the week progresses, fans can look forward to Epiphany’s memorial service and other shocking twists and turns. 

So, stay tuned to ABC’s GH to catch all the latest developments.

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  1. I have a feeling that they might make Rebecca Herbst AKA Elizabeth Weber Baldwin head nurse when they find out that Sonia Eddie AKA Epiphany Johnson who passed away (in real life ????) however I was hoping that they would make promote Marc Anthony Samuel AKA Fellx Dubois as the head nurse on the same floor that Epiphany was working onit would be nice to see him come back for good and for him to make that his personal dedication to Epiphany I would hope the writers would be good but I don’t think they are going to but I really wish they would it would make a nice dedication too Sonia Eddie.


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