General Hospital Spoilers March 24 2023: Victor’s Sinister Plot Against Esme Unfolds

Hey, General Hospital fans! Are you ready for the latest scoop on GH? The fresh General Hospital is definitely a treat for you people.

I strongly believe that The soap opera continues to ramp up the drama and makes you delighted. Therefore, in the latest episode, you can expect Victor Cassadine’s chilling move against Esme Prince. This will leave you on the edge of your seat.

So, read on for the full scoop on what’s to come.

Anna and Valentin Strategize Against Victor

Anna Devane and Valentin Cassadine team up to gather evidence against Victor. The stakes are high as they try to take down the villainous Cassadine patriarch, who is known for his ruthlessness. 

Laura Collins receives a surprise visit from Victor, who wants to check on the newest Cassadine heir, Esme Prince. However, Esme is anxious during Victor’s visit and confides in Laura about her uneasy feeling. 

What could Victor be planning for Esme? Only time will answer all your random questions.

Spencer Goes to Victor for Help

Spencer Cassadine turns to Victor for help in his quest to get custody of Ace. However, in exchange for his assistance, Victor asks Spencer what he wants to happen to Esme. 

General Hospital Spoilers March 24 2023 Victor's Sinister Plot Against Esme Unfolds
General Hospital Spoilers March 24 2023: Victor’s Sinister Plot Against Esme Unfolds

Will Spencer go to extreme lengths to achieve his goals? Tune in to the latest and upcoming General Hospital episodes to get answers.

Trina Gets a Reminder of Love

Trina Robinson receives a heartwarming reminder from Marshall Ashford that she has a family who loves her. Also, as drama swirls around her, Marshall reminds Trina that she always has a home to return to.

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Will Trina lean on her loved ones in this time of turmoil? What do you think? Let me know in the comments.

Sonny and Dex’s Dangerous Mission

Sonny Corinthos and Dex Heller meet with Selina Wu to gather intel ahead of a dangerous Pikeman shipment. But as the danger intensifies, Sonny and Dex must stay on guard to ensure their safety. 

Will they be able to successfully navigate the dangerous world of mob drama? Only time will tell.

Over To You General Hospital Freaks

With tension building on all fronts, General Hospital fans are in for a thrilling ride in the coming episodes. 

Will Trina find solace in her family’s love? Will Anna and Valentin be successful in their mission? A lot of questions might come across your mind.

So, guys, stay connected to General Hospital to find out.

Now, what are your personal opinions on today’s General Hospital episode? Is it up to your expectation?

It is your turn. Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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  1. Oh, Victor plans on getting rid of Esme for sure. His only problem is that when he does, everyone is going to know it was him that did it, so he’s got to make it look like someone else did the deed. He’s ruthless and doesn’t care who gets hurt so that’s my story!


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