General Hospital Spoilers March 23 2023: Trina’s News, Maxie’s Announcement, and Sasha’s Confrontation

General Hospital fans, get ready for an exciting episode on Thursday, March 23rd, as Portia struggles to fix her broken marriage, and Curtis reflects on his previous relationship with Jordan.

Meanwhile, Gregory shuts everyone out while dealing with a possible terminal illness, and Maxie has a surprise announcement to make.

Join us as we delve into the details of the latest episode and find out what’s in store for our favorite characters.

Portia Struggles to Save Her Marriage

In this episode, Portia Robinson will be dealing with the aftermath of her recent conversation with her husband, Curtis Ashford.

She won’t have much hope left for their future together as Curtis has decided to walk away due to the trust issues between them.

Despite this, Marshall Ashford, Curtis’s brother, will encourage Portia to fight for her marriage, giving her a much-needed pep talk.

Curtis Reflects on Past Relationships

As Curtis reminisces about his previous marriage to Jordan Ashford, he begins to wonder if they would still be together if they made different choices.

However, he realizes that his situation with Portia is different, and he must make a decision about their future.

Meanwhile, Jordan still has feelings for Curtis but won’t stand in the way of him reuniting with Portia if that’s what he truly wants.

Gregory Reveals His Secret

At The Invader, Gregory Chase will continue to keep Finn and Harrison in the dark about his situation. Alexis Davis will try to understand why he’s shutting everyone out, but Gregory could ultimately reveal that he’s dying from a serious illness.

Although Alexis will try to encourage him to let his sons support him, it doesn’t seem like Gregory is willing to budge just yet.

Maxie’s Surprise Announcement

At Kelly’s, Maxie will walk in with Cody Bell and make a surprise announcement that may involve a Nurses Ball performance.

General Hospital Spoilers March 23 2023
General Hospital Spoilers March 23 2023

However, things may get tense between Cody and Gladys Corbin, who is still upset about him telling Sasha about the garage sale. Sasha will witness Gladys’s outburst and may confront her about the real reason behind the sale.

Sasha Confronts Gladys

Gladys played the grieving mother card, claiming that it was too painful to hold onto the garage as a reminder of her son, Brando Corbin.

In reality, she was forced to sign it over to Selina Wu to cover her gambling debts. Sasha will confront Gladys, catching her off guard, and forcing her to face the consequences of her actions. Will Gladys be able to explain herself, or will her lies finally catch up to her?

Closing Words

Thursday’s episode of General Hospital promises to be filled with drama and revelations as our favorite characters navigate their personal and professional lives.

Will Portia be able to save her marriage, or will Curtis continue to reflect on his past relationships? Will Gregory finally reveal his secret, and how will it affect his family? And what is Maxie’s surprise announcement, and how will it impact the other characters? 

Tune in to find out!

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