General Hospital Spoilers March 20-24: Secrets, Lies, and Family Drama

General Hospital is a long-running American television soap opera that has captured the hearts and minds of audiences for decades.

It follows the lives of the residents of Port Charles, a fictional town in upstate New York, and their daily struggles with love, loss, and family drama.

But as we approach the week of March 20th to 24th, 2023, the secrets and lies of the town’s most prominent families are about to come to a head, leaving many wondering what will happen next.

The Secret Behind Selena Wu’s Sudden Wealth

The sudden acquisition of Brandon Corbin’s garage by Selena Wu has raised eyebrows in Port Charles, with many wondering how she was able to afford it.

Rumors have been circulating that there may be more to the story than meets the eye, and with General Hospital closing for the week, there may be more time for people to investigate.

Sasha Lawrence’s Family Woes

Sasha Lawrence has been dealing with a lot lately, including her mother-in-law’s amnesia and her husband’s death. But now, she’s planning a tribute ceremony for her late husband with her mother-in-law, Esme.

However, tensions are high between the two women, and Spencer, Sasha’s husband’s cousin, is getting involved, causing even more drama.

Laura Collins and the Poisoning Scandal

Laura Collins has been accused of poisoning Victor Cassadine, and the two are now locked in a battle of wills.

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With Victor convinced that Laura is at fault and Laura insisting that she had nothing to do with it, tensions are high between the two families.

Michael Garmento’s Awkward Situation

Michael Garmento finds himself in an awkward situation as he is forced to make amends with Sonic Car Rental before his wedding to Willow.

With tensions high between the two companies, Michael must find a way to smooth things over before it’s too late.

Lucy Coe’s Disappearance and Mysterious Return

Lucy Coe has disappeared, leaving many wondering what has happened to her. But just as suddenly as she disappeared, she’s back, and nobody knows where she’s been or what she’s been up to.

General Hospital Spoilers March 20-24
General Hospital Spoilers March 20-24

Elizabeth Baldwin is worried about her son, Cameron Weber, but she’s also concerned about the threat she’s received from Victor Cassadine.

Closing Words

As General Hospital prepares to close its doors for a week, the residents of Port Charles find themselves in the midst of a series of scandals and secrets.

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With tensions high between the Cassadine and Corinthos families and Lucy Coe’s mysterious disappearance, it’s anyone’s guess what will happen next. But one thing is for sure, General Hospital will never be the same again.

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