General Hospital Spoilers June 30 2023: Curtis figures out, Liz and Finn another shot at love

For a weekend episode, General Hospital Spoilers for Friday, June 30, does not end on a cliffhanger as we might have anticipated. Nothing more than the week’s end’s aftermath and conclusion.

After performing some calculations, Curtis discovers information that he should probably be aware of. Portia is being forced by Trina and guess why?

In the meantime, Liz and Finn might give their relationship another go. This entire scenario will play out in Friday’s episode. Read the whole piece to find out how.

Curtis has done the big calculation and found that….

After cracking a few cases over the years, Curtis eventually understands the concept of two and two. What course of action will he take given the conclusion that the equation compels him to draw?

When Curtis puts the puzzle pieces together, he might conclude that Zeke accidentally learned about Jordan’s secret before their hookup and that Zeke then told Portia about the lip lock.

There is no doubt that Curtis will have an unexpected epiphany. Curtis will likely conclude that Jordan told Zeke about their lip lock while they were having a hot night together, even though she was unaware that Zeke was Portia’s brother at the time.

Zeke runs into Jordan, wondering if it is for a chat or if they should continue to explore the chemistry they have shared since the meeting.

Jordan will also be found by Zeke, who will probably seek to make amends for having revealed the details of their kiss to his sister despite his best efforts to keep them a secret.

Sasha confides in Sonny, and talks about Glady

With Sonny, Sasha feels comfortable being completely open and honest. Sasha will finally be open and honest with Sonny, which might result in the disclosure of distressing information about Gladys and the destruction of trust.

General Hospital Spoilers June 30 2023: Curtis figures out, Liz and Finn another shot at love
General Hospital Spoilers June 30 2023 (Image Credit: Walt Disney Television)

Second chances: Are there any for Elizabeth and Finn

Finn is completely taken by surprise by something. Elizabeth will receive some encouragement from Terry as Hamilton expresses his regrets.

There may be some matchmakers who try to steer Liz and Finn away from one another, based on the way things sound. Terry will offer some motivation to Elizabeth while Hamiltons expresses his regret to someone.

Could that mean that Liz and Finn decide to give their relationship another try? It remains to be seen whether Liz will hang out with Portia and give her advice.

Oh, no Trina, Not done

As far as Mom Portia is concerned, Trina exerts some pressure. Later, Trina is going to be a bit harsh on Portia. Next, GH spoilers indicate Trina will exert pressure on Portia, who might then persuade her mother to extend forgiveness to Curtis and make a sincere effort to mend her marriage.

Trina might point out that Curtis has already forgiven Portia for a much worse secret, even though she will comprehend why Portia is upset about Curtis’ kiss with Jordan.

What to discuss? An interesting take:

Do you think Liz and Finn will try again now that there are so many matches being made? They certainly complement one another, do not they? Liz will get some slick advice from Terry. Perhaps this will help them rekindle their romance.

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