General Hospital Spoilers June 29 2023: Liz’s surprise, Sam, and Dante on a date

On Thursday, June 29, there are General Hospital Spoilers available. You can get a better idea of what the episode contains from these spoilers.

You will see all of your favorites because there are so many storylines that are developing.

Lizz gets a surprise invitation

Who is sending Elizabeth an invitation, and will she choose to accept it? According to General Hospital spoilers for Thursday, June 29, Elizabeth will receive an invitation that is just too cute to refuse.

It appears that Violet will make sure Elizabeth arrives on time for her date, so she may arrange for Liz and Hamilton to meet.

Portia and Esme have a nice chat

At GH, Portia will tell Esme that there’s something she thinks they should discuss. Perhaps Portia will give Esme another nudge to leave town since she’s hoping Spencer will follow and walk out of Trina’s life.

Of course, it won’t be that simple – and Dex won’t think taking evidence to law enforcement is a simple task either.

Spencer’s temper unleashed

Dex will warn Spencer and Josslyn that the procedure is much more difficult than he anticipates during their conversation. Josslyn may come to the conclusion that she was right to have her initial suspicions about Spencer holding onto the fabricated evidence against Esme.

Since everyone is aware of Spencer’s temper, something or someone is going to enrage him today. Regardless, Dex will reportedly be a kook, and since Spencer is the biggest kook on the planet, that will not sit well with him! Trina will scream in horror because she will have joined the rest of the group by the time Thursday’s preview video shows Spencer decking Dex. Instead of constantly trying to resolve conflicts with his fists, Spencer needs to learn how to have polite conversations.

A date night has gone mysterious

Sam and Dante schedule a special date night and time just for them.

When Sam and Dante Falconeri go on a date, he will say something that she does not expect. Sam will grin and wonder where it came from, so she will try to imagine what is going through Dante’s mind.

Drews’s sentence and three years wait

Drew commits that, because he is a decent guy, we can assume he will keep it. In the meantime, Drew may promise to make amends to Carly when he is released from prison.

General Hospital Spoilers June 29 2023
General Hospital Spoilers June 29 2023

Naturally, Drew might state once more that he does not anticipate Carly waiting for him. Drew will be sympathetic if Carly decides against postponing her romantic life because three years is a long time. Carly will promise to wait however long it takes and will have tears in her eyes as she prepares to say goodbye.

Shady Side of Austin

Even though Austin has not always been the most honest person, he is now openly unrepentant. According to additional General Hospital spoilers, Austin will not feel bad about what he did.

Austin may be forced to admit that he took advantage of the situation after Ava just accused him of planning Avery’s disappearance. As a result, Austin will advise Ava to put pressure on Sonny to fire Pilar because she has the ideal justification, in his opinion.

Ava will be upset about the drama Austin has drawn her into, but she will have to follow his instructions to appease Mason and the unidentified boss.

Stay tuned for more information on the bad news that is developing as General Hospital spoilers indicate that Ava and Austin will continue to be caught up in each other’s mess.

What to discuss? An interesting take:

What will happen to Carly and his relationship now that Drew is going to be gone for three days? Three years is a long time to wait, and it will be interesting to see how it plays out for them.

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