General Hospital Spoilers June 22: Tracy is furious, and Drew’s plan fails

There is no doubt that the Thursday, June 22 General Hospital spoilers will leave you wanting more. Tracy’s anger and Drew’s plan failure are all in today’s episode.

An angry Tracy

Although we are unsure of the target of Tracy’s wrath, we do feel somewhat sorry for them. Tracy is usually quite the show when he is riled up, so someone passes the popcorn in the meantime.

Angry Tracy lets it all out. She has many people to express her rage toward, so this should be entertaining.

Drew will soon get a surprise

Drew believed he had thought of every scenario, but the actual outcome completely caught him off guard. Drew will spend the next two years in Pentonville after the judge rejects the conditions he has asked for. s.

Carly will be devastated by that information, but you can bet she will be especially incensed when Nina’s involvement in this situation is made clear. There was insider trading by Carly and Drew.

Fans of General Hospital are aware that Drew and Carly committed crimes, but it was undoubtedly legal for Nina to provide an anonymous tip. Even though this was not about justice or doing what was right, we still need to consider Nina’s motivations.

Nina was only interested in getting even with Carly, and she did not care if Drew joined her. Once Nina’s actions are exposed, Carly will have no trouble continuing this vicious cycle. come to light.

Nina may lose Sonny over all the deception, and any progress she might make with Willow could be destroyed. All of that might not be sufficient for Carly, though.

Carly might want Nina to experience the same fate as Drew, which is especially true now that Drew is about to begin serving a two-year prison sentence.

Will Carly plot for Nina?

Will Nina be the next victim of a Carly prison plot? Nina might be the victim of a crime that Carly frames her for, or she might be the one to catch her later on.

Carly may not feel like she is receiving adequate retaliation until Nina is clad in a prison jumpsuit and moping around Pentonville with the other prisoners, in Carly’s opinion.

General Hospital Spoilers June 22
General Hospital Spoilers June 22: Nina and Carly

Drew will be living that life, so Carly might be motivated to make Nina deal with her time behind bars. Do you believe that Carly will eventually set up a trap to catch Nina committing a crime or will frame Nina for a crime? Will Carly decide that sending Nina to prison is the best option for her and try to do so?

Mini Spoiler Gossips:

The only real question that arises when Selina is asked to mediate a dispute between two parties is, “What is in it for her?” Selina mediates a conflict. Is she putting herself in the way of Gladys and Cody? Meanwhile, Michael can’t help but feel grateful.

Even though Alexis is no longer a lawyer, she is still capable of giving sound advice. Will her suggestion be acted upon in the manner that she intended? Alexis makes A suggestion is made by Alexis. Stina might need some good advice.

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