General Hospital Spoilers June 21 2023: Jordan is a mess, Curtis to confess

You will certainly be wishing for more after reading the General Hospital spoilers for Wednesday, June 21. Is this the moment Curtis tells Portia about the Kiss? Now, how is he going to defend that? Jordan is an absolute mess, and Glady could be in trouble. Cryptic? Then read the whole piece.

Jordan wants no more chaos

Jordan chooses the easy path. She must avoid getting into a completely chaotic situation. Jordan is about to get a surprise visitor, to sum it up.

Zeke may decide he wants to get physical with her, but Taggert may feel the need to speak to a friend once more.

Will Curtis confess?

Curtis must explain. Does Portia know about the kiss with Jordan at this point? In addition to still being unsure of how to fully repair her recently formed marriage, Portia is also perplexed by some of Zeke’s comments regarding Curtis.

Elizabeth offers to help her friend and gives some advice because she is a bit of a hot mess, as she frequently is. Curtis may confront Jordan about her covert spillage because that kiss will ultimately cause a lot of drama with Portia.

Because the roles were reversed only a few years prior, Portia is entitled to it. He and Portia share a “historical connection” from when he was married to Jordan, and he accused Portia of lying because she refused to share sensitive police information with him. He had been married before, but it was not sacred enough, so he ended it and went to her because she was the object.

Now that she is on the other side of the equation, she observes something analogous taking place and does not like it.

Sasha might get a surprise

Sasha is caught off guard. Are there any unfavorable developments regarding her guardianship ending? For Gladys, it appears as though everything is finally coming to an end. Sasha is moving forward with ending the guardianship, while Ms. Wu is returning and demanding her money.

General Hospital Spoilers June 21 2023 Jordan is a mess, Curtis to confess
General Hospital Spoilers June 21 2023: Jordan is a mess, Curtis to confess

Additionally, Gladys is now acquainted with Sasha’s court-appointed psychiatrist thanks to Wu’s backroom poker games. However, everyone anticipates the outcome: Gladys will find a way to intimidate the physician into rejecting Sasha’s petition.

What does Cody want from Gladys?

Cody calls Gladys. Gladys had better pay attention to her next move. Well, this has been building for a while: Will Gladys end up having to pay the piper when she is called by Cody? If so, how will she manage to raise the necessary funds? Cody will attempt to prove Gladys set him up by putting her in a difficult position.

When things get out of hand, it appears that Selina will have to step in, at which point she will exercise her authority and remind Gladys that she needs to make a full repayment.

Oh, And Sam is interrupted. Sam needs a storyline, so hopefully this interruption comes with one.

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