General Hospital Spoilers July 3 2023: Gladys is in trouble, and Sam and Carly come together

General Hospital Spoilers for Monday, July 3 are here, and trust us when we say, if you have been feeling General Hospital can not surprise you anymore, here we are all surprised.

How is Gladys so optimistic about her life?

Sasha will approach Gladys sternly and inquire as to whether or not she is finally prepared to admit the truth. Gladys should be used to situations not going her way by this point, but instead, she finds herself upset by a development today.

Is there a connection between this and the meeting Cody and Scott are attending? Sasha might be hoping they can put Cody’s reputation as a bracelet thief to rest now that Selina made Gladys change her story.

Dante finds something and it is eating him up

At the PCPD, Mac will acknowledge that interesting information came across his desk, raising questions about Dante. Dante is starting to grow suspicious, which increases his hackles.

That could all be connected to Gladys’ fresh account and Cody’s dismissal of the charges. Cody will meet with Scott, who has been pushing for a lawsuit against the WSB, so he may have to worry about a different investigation.

Scott wants Cody to file a lawsuit over the stolen Ice Princess necklace he inherited, but doing so will require him to provide evidence that he is Leopold’s son. Cody will find himself in yet another awkward situation since he is Mac’s son.

The bone marrow transplant

TJ will have some information for Willow and Michael at GH. TJ may make Michael and Willow a little uneasy after he says it might be better coming from him.

Since Willow’s bone marrow transplant was a success, it will, fortunately, be good news. Soon, Willow will be permitted to return home, allowing her to see the end of the dark tunnel.

When your ex meets your current girlfriend

Sam will likely reassure Carly about not being held accountable for Drew’s decisions once they meet. Sam is aware that Drew can make his own decisions and that Carly was against him taking the blame for the insider trading scandal.

Sam’s innocence will mean a lot, and Carly will cry because of it. Sam and Carly will find common ground because they both detest the idea of Drew being away for an extended period, but they might also decide to support one another through it all.

Sonny encourages Drew: Walk with your head high

Sonny, meanwhile, will have some words of wisdom for Drew just before his time in Pentonville starts. Drew may make the commitment to do as Sonny advises and keep his eyes open and his chin up. Of course, we know Cyrus is anticipating Drew’s arrival and will welcome him shortly.

General Hospital Spoilers July 3 2023
General Hospital Spoilers July 3 2023

Drew hears Cyrus tell him in the Monday preview video, “Your place is with us. Drew may receive an invitation from Cyrus to join his alliance while he is imprisoned, and Cyrus may be willing to pay a heavy price if Drew declines.

On Monday’s episode of General Hospital, Drew will receive a special gift, so Cyrus might be attempting to welcome him in some other way.

What to discuss? An interesting take

The women in Drew’s life—current girlfriend Carly and ex-wife Sam—are going to attempt to mend their relationship, so back off. The situation might become intriguing given their complicated past.

Since Sam’s innocence will mean so much, Carly will cry. Sam and Carly will find common ground because they both detest the idea of Drew being away for an extended period, but they might also decide to support one another through it all: just ex-partners reuniting and supporting one another, no drama, no excitement.

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