General Hospital Spoilers July 17 2023: Quartermaine Crisis, Lucy’s date

General Hospital spoilers for Monday, July 17, reveal some intense moments at the Quartermaine mansion as Cody springs into action during a crisis.

Leo’s behavior becomes troubling, and he injures his knee in the stables. Leo insists on having his dad, Ned, by his side, but Ned, who believes he’s “Eddie Maine,” is gone somewhere.

Will Leo and Eddie can have the same Ned and Leo relationship? Meanwhile, Anna plans to use herself as bait to catch a culprit, and Dante offers to be her backup. What is this about? In Pine Valley, Lucy raises suspicions during a dinner date. To know the full story read on fellas!

Cody takes action during a Quartermain 

In the event of a Quartermaine emergency, Cody will act immediately. Due to his unease over the whole “Eddie Maine” / Ned situation, Leo will act in an unsettling manner.

Leo appears to be going against Cody’s advice and hurting his knee in the stables, so Cody will carry him inside the Quartermaine mansion and provide updates on what transpired.

Leo’s unsettling behavior and injury

Gregory will hear Harrison’s complaint about Tracy’s self-serving agenda before Brook Lynn likely calls for assistance. Leo might insist that all he wants is his dad despite Olivia and Brook Lynn’s efforts to make him feel better.

Tracy will claim that there is only one person who can make things right, so it stands to reason that she will want to find Ned and get him there as soon as possible.

Ned will undoubtedly be somewhere with his guitar and still think of himself as “Eddie.” Although it appears that “Eddie” will challenge someone to a duel of some sort, the Quartermaine drama might abduct him before things get out of hand.

Chase urges “Eddie” to prioritize Leo

According to GH spoilers, Chase will eventually track down “Eddie,” so he might exhort him to set aside his own selfish needs in the present and act in Leo’s best interests.

General Hospital Spoilers July 17 2023
General Hospital Spoilers July 17 2023: Quartermaine Crisis, Lucy’s date

Leo is not currently particularly special to “Eddie,” but later on he will come to care about the youngster and develop a close relationship with him through music.

Anna plans to use herself as bait crisis

Considering that Anna intends to use herself as bait, Dante will want to act as a backup. Despite Anna’s desire to go it alone in this effort to draw the criminal out of hiding, Dante will insist that he has always had her back.

Anna will finally give in and allow him to try to protect her after Dante inquires about her ability to trust him enough to do so.

Sonny and Dante explore the WSB rogue agent theory

Sonny will speculate as to whether a WSB employee may have gone rogue, but Anna is unsure – especially given the job’s failure. Most people who have ever been connected to the WSB are professionals who never miss!

However, Anna is aware of other potential adversaries because of her involvement with the DVX and the individuals she has tangled with over the years.

Dante is not completely discounting the possibility that Sonny was the intended victim, but for the time being, he will concentrate on working with Anna to set the trap and see if they can advance the plot in this way.

Ava’s admission and a message from Austin

Ava will then confess to someone, so Nina may become the recipient of her disclosure about Austin’s bedtime antics. However, despite her ongoing resentment toward Avery for staging the kidnapping, Ava might admit to Austin that the evening was enjoyable.

Whatever the case, Austin will have a message to deliver, so if the boss wants Ava to know something, Mason may have a stern message for her.

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