General Hospital Spoilers for Next week July 17-21: Ava’s Confession, Leo’s Troubles, and Trina’s Concerns Shake Up Port Charles!

Get ready for an exhilarating week on General Hospital (GH) as the lives of Port Charles residents become more entangled and complications arise. In this week’s spoilers from July 17-21, secrets are revealed, relationships are tested, and dangerous missions unfold.

From Ava’s admission about her night with Austin to Leo’s behavioral issues, and Alexis’ handling of a family crisis, the tension escalates.

Meanwhile, Dex delves into a risky mission, Drew faces suspicions in Pentonville, and Mac steps up to help someone in need. Join us as we dive into the thrilling world of General Hospital and uncover the twists and turns that lie ahead.

Ava’s Admission and Complicated Situation with Austin

Ava is going to admit something, and that admission may be that she and Austin had a steamy night together. Ava and Austin’s relationship is complicated as a result of the threat they are dealing with, but she may tell Nina that she slept with Austin while skirting the rest.

Austin will eventually have a message to deliver, so we will find out if it comes from the enigmatic boss Mason shares with Austin. Austin will eventually find himself in a circumstance where he becomes overconfident.

Austin may have a strategy to safeguard Ava and keep himself out of harm’s way, but things may not go according to the strategy. As they attempt to deal with any drama that arises, Ava will reassure Austin and keep them feeling like they are in this together.

Leo’s Behavioral Issues and Brook Lynn’s Concern

Leo, being without his adoptive father will be difficult for him. Leo Misses, who is currently forced to live as an aspiring rock star “Eddie Maine,” is stuck in this situation. Leo will experience some behavioral problems as a result, causing Brook Lynn to become worried about him.

Brook Lynn will be appreciative of Harrison’s efforts to track down “Eddie” and possibly return him to the Quartermaine mansion to assist Leo in calming down.

Due to his lack of memories, “Eddie” might be able to connect with Leo more easily as a result. Additionally, “Eddie” might even begin to experience flashbacks of Ned’s previous existence.

Alexis Handling a Family Crisis and Molly’s Complaints

Sam will end up acting as a referee along with Alexis as she tries to handle a family crisis elsewhere. There may be complaints that Kristina made this all about her since Molly appears to be admitting she overheard her suggest a surrogate mother.

At the same time, Molly is aware that Kristina might make a great surrogate since she does want to have a child with TJ in the future. Of course, it does not seem right to disparage Kristina in one sentence and then suggest that she might be helpful in another!

General Hospital Spoilers for Next week July 17-21
General Hospital Spoilers for Next week July 17-21

The way Molly has been behaving concerning her sister’s plan, however, suggests that Kristina may withdraw the offer since Sam and Alexis have already persuaded her that she was rushing into things.

Before reconsidering her offer once more, Kristina may engage in some conflict with Molly. Since Kristina genuinely wants to assist Molly and TJ in realizing their family dream, this might prompt her to bring it back up for discussion.

Drew’s High Alert in Pentonville and Suspicion towards Cyrus

This might entail looking into who targeted Sonny or Anna at the Metro Court since Dex will receive updates on his perilous new mission from across town.

Once Dex is carrying out Sonny’s forthcoming instructions, Josslyn might object to Dex putting himself in danger because she will soon learn some shocking information. General Hospital Spoilers for next week of July 17–21 indicate that Drew will be on high alert at Pentonville and may try to determine whether Cyrus truly wants to be a friend or foe.

Keep reading to learn how Drew will respond to any growing threats because General Hospital spoilers indicate that he will undoubtedly deal with some suspicions behind bars.

Mini Spoilers

Other GH spoilers state that Mac will save someone, so we will have to wait and see if that means Cody or someone else. Deception may soon run into trouble because Sasha will also find herself in a precarious situation that calls for damage control. As soon as chaos breaks out, Maxie will leap to Sasha’s defense and attempt to help her, but Sasha might still lose control.

Sasha’s medications, which Gladys requested Dr. Damon give her, are obviously to blame for this. If things continue to deteriorate, Sasha might need to be hospitalized. All of this could indicate that Sasha needs emergency medical attention because Gladys will likely freak out over some upcoming Sasha developments while Nina rushes to GH.

Trina will then look to Marcus for support as she worries about Curtis’ situation. While Taggert consoles Trina, Portia will question Spencer and keep an eye on his interactions with her daughter.

Esme, on the other hand, will commit to finding some solutions. Esme might eventually contact Heather as a result of how much Josslyn got under her skin regarding her parents. According to General Hospital spoilers, Heather could assist Esme by providing information about her birth and problematic family history if she learned more about her past.

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