General Hospital spoilers for July 12: Lucy and Felicia’s Nostalgia, Martin’s Search for Advice

Welcome to General Hospital spoilers! In Wednesday’s episode, airing on July 12th, get ready for some nostalgic adventures as Lucy and Felicia team up for a caper, reminiscent of old times. Sasha manages to catch Maxie off guard with a surprise.

Martin, usually sought after for advice, finds himself in need of counsel. Chase is left utterly stunned by something or someone. And a battle of wits ensues as Cody sets out to outsmart Selina, but the question remains as to who will come out on top. Stay tuned to witness the excitement and intrigue unfold on the next episode of General Hospital!

Lucy and Felicia’s Nostalgic Adventure: A Thrilling Caper

When Lucy and Felicia go on a caper, it seems like the good old days! When Felicia and Lucy travel to Pine Valley, they will look into the funds sent to Martin and meet with Jackson, a lawyer. Jackson will undoubtedly be a familiar face to All My Children viewers, so tune in to see what he gets up to during this brief GH arc.

There are a few former All My Children coworkers who are currently in General Hospital. Throughout the years 1987 to 2011, Willey played Montgomery on All My Children.

With actors like Michael, James Patrick, and Cameron Mathison, would not it be intriguing to see them in scenes together? What do you think of Jackson Montgomery joining General Hospital? What, in your opinion, brings him to the area?

Sasha’s Unexpected Surprise for Maxie

How does Sasha trick Maxie into thinking something is not there? When Maxie revealed that she was sick and required Sasha to fill in for her during their appearance on Home & Heart, viewers could see the look of panic on her face.

General Hospital spoilers for July 12 2023
General Hospital spoilers for July 12 2023

Although Sasha was shocked and did not want to experience another breakdown like she did the last time she appeared on the show, Maxie emphasized to her friend that she was the face of Deception and that a second chance would allow her to share a story of redemption with the viewers.

Sasha decided to do it because she knew Maxie was correct and because she wanted to restart her life as well as help the business.

Martin’s Search for Counsel

Martin gives a lot of advice from others, but who does he go to when he himself needs guidance? When faced with the need for advice, Martin may find himself in a unique position where he typically offers guidance to others but now requires counsel himself.

In such a situation, Martin might turn to trusted friends who have consistently been there for him throughout the ups and downs of life. These friends, who have gained his trust over time, can provide a listening ear, offer their perspectives, and support him through their understanding of his character and experiences.

Alternatively, Martin may seek guidance from family members who know him intimately and can provide insights based on their familiarity with his background and personal dynamics. Who is it?

Cody vs. Selina: A Battle of Wits

When Cody decides to outwit Selina, it becomes a mental match! Who will ultimately zoom who, though? According to other General Hospital spoilers, Josh Swickard’s Harrison Chase will make a startling discovery before putting someone in jail.

Josh Kelly’s character, Cody Bell, will also find himself in a potentially dangerous situation where he attempts to outwit Selina. If something goes wrong, this could put Cody Bell in a difficult situation.

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