General Hospital Spoilers February 23: Sonny’s Attempt to Reconnect with Michael

General Hospital fans are in for an exciting episode on February 23, 2023, as Sunny Corinthos makes an attempt to reconnect with his son Michael. 

The relationship between the father and son duo has been strained for quite some time, but Sunny hopes to mend things and connect with Michael in a fun way. 

In addition, the episode will reveal some shocking truths about Dex Heller, Michael’s former henchman, and Nina’s revenge plan that could jeopardize her relationship with her daughter. 

Sunny’s Effort to Reconcile with Michael

The relationship between Sunny and Michael has been tumultuous, with Michael finding it hard to forgive his father’s mistakes. Sonny’s choice of Nina as his partner also led to a loss of trust in his family members. 

However, Sonny is not one to give up, and he hopes to put their differences aside for the sake of Sonny’s health. 

In the episode, Sunny will turn to Brooklyn Quartermaine to mediate between him and Michael, but will he be successful in his efforts?

Dex Heller Caught by Jocelyn Jacks

Dex Heller, Michael’s powerful henchman, had once tried to take down Sunny and his mobs. In the upcoming episode, Jocelyn Jacks catches Dex doing something shady, and he is forced to reveal only half the truth. 

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However, Nina is hot on his trail and is likely to expose his secrets, including his true identity.

Nina’s Revenge Plan

Nina’s plan to seek revenge on Sonny and Carly could potentially jeopardize her relationship with her daughter. Nina is determined to expose the secret about Carly Spencer and Drew Kane’s dating, which could lead to the couple’s arrest. 

General Hospital Spoilers February 23: Sonny's Attempt to Reconnect with Michael
General Hospital Spoilers February 23: Sonny’s Attempt to Reconnect with Michael

Meanwhile, Carly fulfills her promise to Liesel Obrecht and connects her with Willow, who turns out to be a good match for her. 

Will Nina’s revenge plan backfire, and will she lose the chance to make up with her daughter?

Willow Tate’s Medical Crisis

Willow Tate is facing a medical crisis, and Sunny believes that they need to put their hatred aside for the sake of his health. 

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However, Michael is unwilling to allow Sunny to interfere in his life anymore. Will Sunny be able to convince Michael to reconcile and put their differences aside?

Wrapping Up

General Hospital fans are eagerly anticipating the upcoming episode, which promises to be full of surprises and shocks. Sunny’s efforts to reconcile with Michael, Dex Heller’s exposure, and Nina’s revenge plan are sure to keep viewers on the edge of their seats. 

Will Nina’s plan backfire, and will Sunny be successful in reconciling with Michael? 

Only time will tell. Stay tuned for the next episode of General Hospital.

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