General Hospital Spoilers February 10, 2023: The Wedding of the Year, Secrets, and Surprises Ahead

Weddings are supposed to be a time of joy and love, but the upcoming nuptials at GENERAL HOSPITAL promise to be anything but ordinary. 

With Sonny ready for Nina, Willow begging Michael to face the truth, Ava enlisting Austin’s help, Liz bringing Finn up to date, and Portia and Curtis preparing for their big day, the drama is just heating up. 

With secrets and surprises lurking around every corner, it’s clear that this wedding is shaping up to be one for the ages.

Will Jordan Stop the Wedding?

As Portia and Curtis prepare to exchange their vows, Jordan holds a truth bomb that could destroy everything. With TJ sensing that something is amiss, the question on everyone’s mind is whether Jordan will reveal the secret and put a stop to the wedding.

Nina’s Struggles

Nina is struggling to come to terms with the news that Willow still has no donor to help fight her cancer, and Sonny is doing his best to improve her mood. But what does he have in mind, and will it be enough to lift Nina’s spirits?

Willow’s Plea

In the hospital room, Willow has accepted her fate and now she feels like Michael has to do the same as she thinks. 

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“I need you to face the truth,” she insists. 

But will Michael be able to come to terms with the reality of the situation?

Ava’s Plot

Having lied about Nikolas fleeing town, Ava now needs Austin’s help to make it appear as if it’s the truth. With Liz having no reason to implicate herself in Nikolas’ crimes, will the truth come out and put Ava’s plan in jeopardy?

The Wedding Preparations

As Portia wants Trina to be a bigger part of her special day, Curtis is excited to tie the knot.

General Hospital Spoilers February 10, 2023 The Wedding of the Year, Secrets, and Surprises Ahead
General Hospital Spoilers February 10, 2023

But with Drew helping Curtis prepare and Marshall asking for assistance, will Portia and Curtis make it down the aisle and become man and wife?

Final Feather

The wedding of the year at GENERAL HOSPITAL promises to be full of drama, secrets, and surprises. 

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With questions about whether Jordan will stop the wedding, whether Michael will face the truth, and whether Portia and Curtis will make it to the altar, there’s never been a better time to tune in. 

So grab your popcorn and get ready for the wedding of the year at General Hospital!

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