Is Nicholas Chavez Departing From “General Hospital”?

According to General Hospital casting news, Nicholas Chavez, who plays Spencer Cassadine, has accepted a new position.

Does this imply that there may be yet another recasting or that he will leave the program to focus on his new venture?

Nicholas Chavez is planning to leave his Spencer Cassadine role!

Today, Variety broke the news that the excellent young actor who portrays Spencer has been cast in a motion picture. Does that imply that the legacy children will have some off-screen time or that a new cast will be hired?

However, the GH newbie didn’t waste time assuring fans that he wouldn’t depart the ABC serial opera. His new endeavor won’t interfere with the soap opera because it is a feature picture rather than a TV serial.

We looked up filming sites, and Simi Valley, California, is the setting for the movie Chavez agreed to be in called Crushed. General Hospital shoots in Prospect Park Studios, which is about a 45-minute drive northwest of Los Angeles.

New Project Of Actor Chavez!

According to Variety, Spencer Cassadine’s alter ego was cast in a coming-of-age movie. Lisa Yamada, Brenna D’Amico, Matty Cardarople, and Bebe Wood are a few of his co-stars in the film.

Filming has already started, and the movie is already under production. Wood portrays Kate, a high school student who harbors romantic feelings for Nicholas Chavez’s Jason. Things don’t go well when she attempts to go on a school trip with her handsome crush.

Chavez tweeted a photo of himself on a school bus from the Crushed set, so you can see that one is included in the scene above. He said that he is “very enthusiastic” about the film. He also made it obvious that he is staying at General Hospital. “Not going away, you’ll,” Chavez added.

Is Nicholas Chavez leaving General Hospital

Additionally, he stated that his Crushed character Jason is “nothing like Spencer.” The movie will be broadcast on Tubi, a streaming platform run by FOX.

Spencer Cassadine’s Future Is Uncertain!

For this movie part, it appears that Nicholas Chavez is filming around his GH schedule. Additionally, GH often has no problem letting performers participate in other one-off productions like this.

Valentin Cassadine, Spencer’s great-uncle, has been temporarily removed from the script while James Patrick Stuart stars in the supervillain-themed TV series Meet the Mayhems. Stuart’s character, “Vic,” is ironically called. Is that a tribute to Victor Cassadine, his television father?

Spencer is currently kicking back at the minimum-security facility at Spring Ridge. His life is about to come to a head, though. At General Hospital, Spencer’s girlfriend is also planning with Spencer’s great-great-uncle Victor.

This week, it was revealed that Spencer Cassadine is dating Ryan Chamberlain’s daughter. Of course, nobody outside the audience knows that Esme Prince (Avery Pohl) is Ryan’s child. Spencer is still unaware for the time being.

Esme is a filthy gold-digger with her eyes on Spencer’s riches, as she revealed in her conversation with dear old dad. Watch to see what Spencer does next.

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