Love Troubles in General Hospital: Who Are The 3 Couples Set to Break Up in 2023?

The world is celebrating valentine’s day. Everyone’s life was filled with love and love plays a major role in each person’s daily life. Likewise, in our series, General Hospital, we have discussed lovely couples in our previous articles. However, a few couples are expected to find their ways apart in 2023. Who are they?

The romantic relationships in Port Charles are facing major challenges, and it looks like some of our favorite couples in General Hospital are not meant to be together in the coming year. 

The love triangle between Drew, Carly, and Willow is about to explode, while Portia is keeping a secret that could ruin her future with Curtis. Additionally, Elizabeth and Finn’s relationship seems to be losing its spark. 

Let’s take a closer look at these three couples and see what the future holds.

Drew and Carly: Will Their Love Survive the Insider Trading Scandal?

Drew and Carly have been a fan-favorite couple since they first appeared on the show. However, their relationship is now in trouble due to the insider trading scandal, and the threat of prison looms over them. 

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As they try to keep their distance in public, they find it hard to stay away from each other. Will their love survive the scandal, or will it be the end for them?

Portia and Curtis: Will the Secret Break Them Apart?

Portia has been keeping a big secret from Curtis, and it’s about to come out. Her daughter Trina is actually Curtis’s daughter, and this revelation could ruin their relationship. 

Will Curtis be able to forgive Portia and move forward with their wedding plans, or will he end things with her? 

The future looks uncertain for this couple.

Elizabeth and Finn: Will They Finally Call It Quits?

Fans have been rooting for Elizabeth and Finn to get together, but it seems like they’re not meant to be. Despite trying hard to make things work, the couple lacks the spark that’s necessary for a lasting relationship. 

Drew and Carly, Portia and Curtis, Elizabeth and Finn
Love Troubles in General Hospital: Drew and Carly, Portia and Curtis, Elizabeth and Finn

Finn’s hero complex is causing problems, and Elizabeth’s family history with his deceased wife is not making things any easier. 

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Will they finally call it quits, or will they be able to work through their issues?

Final Feather

Love troubles are brewing in Port Charles, and it looks like 2023 will be a challenging year for these three couples. 

Drew and Carly’s relationship is in jeopardy due to the insider trading scandal, while Portia and Curtis’s future is uncertain because of the big secret she’s been keeping from him.

As for Elizabeth and Finn, it remains to be seen if they can make things work or if they’ll finally realize they’re better off apart. 

Only time will tell what the future holds for these beloved General Hospital characters.

Which couple stole your heart and make you skip your heartbeat at least once?

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  1. I don’t know where you get that think that Finn and Elizabeth don’t have any chemistry. I think every time they’re together there is a spark. Keep them on.


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