Is Anna leaving General Hospital 2023? Why Anna is leaving GH?

Fans of General Hospital were left heartbroken when news broke that Anna Devane had passed away in the hospital. Robert received a phone call that no one ever wants to get.

The call informed him that Anna had been injured and rushed to the hospital. When Jordan Ashford found out that her friend Anna had been shot, she feared for the worst.

Jordan knew that Anna was a fighter, but she also knew that anything could happen in Port Charles.

Anna Devane had already suffered so much loss in her life, but nothing could have prepared her for the devastation of Duke’s death in a fire.

Why Anna is leaving General Hospital 2023
Why Anna is leaving General Hospital 2023?

The pain and grief she experienced were palpable, and fans felt every emotion with her.

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Fans were shocked when Julian sought revenge and killed Duke just as the couple was preparing to reunite.

Who is Anna on Hospital General Hospital? 

Anna has been one of the most popular characters of ‘General Hospital’ since she made her entry in 1985 as Anna with a real profile having Finhola Hughes.  Anna was replaced by Camilla Moore for a few months in the year 1991. 

Anna has suffered from the kidnapping of her daughter, Robins, and both of them were killed in that scenario. However, Further, in the year 2001, we came to know that Anna was alive.

She came back to All my Children and connected with David Hayward. Anna gave birth to Leora but unfortunately, she died. 

Is Anna leaving General Hospital 2023

Well, the information that Anna is leaving the show general Hospital breaks the heart of the fans of the series. Anna has successfully made her place in the hearts of lots of people.

However, as it is being seen, Tony of General Hospital left the show but along with him, his gorgeous co-star Anna will also be headed off the canvas.

Anna in one of her blogs thanked her fans for loving and supporting her and she also mentioned that she is going to miss her character very much. Seeing this we can conclude that yes, our favorite Anna is leaving the show perhaps. 

Is Finola Hughes leaving GH?

Anna leaving General Hospital 2023

Why is Anna leaving Days of Our Lives? 

A call received by Robert mentioned that Anna has gotten badly injured and immediately headed toward the hospital. Anna was shot, and when Jordan came to know this she got scared. However, the main reason for Anna leaving the show is not known yet. But yes, soon we will get to know the answers to each of our questions. 

Fans were shocked when Julian sought revenge and killed Duke just as the couple was preparing to reunite.

Anna Valentin and Lucy Coe’s decision to go into hiding at Sonny Corinthos’ safe house had fans wondering what would happen next.

Victor made a shocking discovery when he learned where Anna and Valentine were hiding. Was Anna really dead? Is she leaving GH? If so, did Victor is the mastermind behind Anna’s death?

Fans need to wait for official confirmation, But if Anna leaves General Hospital then this could upset her fans, as she is one of the beloved characters on General Hospital.

Till then stay Tuned with SoapAsk, we will update you once we get the official confirmation about Anna leaving General Hospital 2023.

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