Will Jason Come Back To GH And Bang The Show Again?

Fans of General Hospital (GH) are still trying to figure out the solution to a crucial question due to spoilers. And it raises the question of whether Steve Burton, a fan favorite, will return to GH to play Jason Morgan. But as 2022 ends, Burton’s supporters are at a loss for words.

Learn all there is to know about the speculations surrounding Jason’s potential return to General Hospital. Also, find out what Burton’s social media shows. Additionally, find out how Steve is affected by vaccination regulations!

Is Jason Will Rock The Show Again?

Steve Burton (Jason) has a devoted social media fan base due to his commitment to keeping followers informed. The General Hospital alum, for instance, frequently updates Instagram. But at least one supporter rejects Burton’s appeal for a return to General Hospital!

For example, Steve just posted an Instagram image with a comment announcing his next concert. Take a look at our Holiday Music Comedy Show Run! We eagerly await! Detroit, Grand Rapids, Sacramento, Philadelphia, Boston, CT, NY, Long Island, and Albany, to name a few.

One fan, nevertheless, answered with a query regarding Steve’s return to General Hospital. “Gosh…I truly miss you BOTH on GH TOGETHER,” the devoted follower said. The remark received a lot of likes. Many people concurred. Like when a supporter tweeted, “We need Jason back right?? ????????????.”

The Return Of Steve Burton: Three Important Hints

However, three crucial hints might help determine if Burton will revisit General Hospital soon. Another issue is that Jason hasn’t been mentioned in any GH spoilers. 

However, the second hint relates to the Disney/ABC vaccination requirement. Disney/ABC previously mandated the shot in the majority of states. Additionally, California, where General Hospital is filmed, is included.

Steve is coming back to General Hospital
Jason Morgan returning back to General Hospital – Steve return

But according to a recent story from Deadline, Disney has stopped requiring vaccinations for the casts of its American shows. And that also applies to the company’s television programs.

For instance, the requirements for Grey’s Anatomy and 9-1-1 on ABC were terminated. However, insiders revealed that several programs still had the condition.

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As shown on social media, Steve has turned his focus to music and health. As a result, rumors about Burton returning to General Hospital have increased. However, the final indication that Steve will be back is related to his focus. Fans shouldn’t give up hope.

Would you like to see Jason Morgan’s Steve Burton return to General Hospital? 

The producers, Burton, and the writers may ultimately decide whether or not Steve will make a comeback. The audience’s demands may also influence Jason’s likelihood of returning. 

We are interested in hearing your opinions. 

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  1. I want Jason (Steve Burton) back. He’s truly awesome!! There’s a reason all of us want him back. We love him so much. He belongs back on GH.

  2. Pretty please bring JASON back. GH is just not the same. I’ve tried to find him on another soap. I just can’t stand him not being on GH.

  3. Plz bring back Jason. He is an amazing actor. I have watched general hospital for over 40 yes. Plz put Jason and Britt togather. That’s some real chemistry.. also put sonny and Carly back togather….we just don’t get the chemistry with Nina and sonny. Put Drew and Nina togather. Keep Anna and Britt on the show. So many good actors are leaving.

  4. Yes please bring back Steve Burton AKA jason sonny and carly both need him but put sonny and carly back together ❤️ you can put Drew with sam again Look at this look real quick let me uh closes out, Josh and dex I don’t know if dex ends up as sonny son I don’t think having Josh even though there not blood related it’s a no go Britt needs to stay on the show and brodie have a chance keep eve and Nicolas together Finn an Liz are OK like to see Spencer finally get Trina they both looked good together Esme needs to go baby or no baby let her be the hook lady have the baby in jail then give it to Nicolas and Eva to raise and Dante and Sam doesn’t work for me either

  5. Here it’s June of 2023 and Jason is still missed GH is NOT the same without him ans breaking up the power couple Sonny and Carly is bad I’m only still watching hoping that you’re bring them back if not my General Hospital days will be over period……


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