Is Willow leaving General Hospital – Will Willow Be Back?

As a General Hospital fanatic, I know you are concerned about Willow and curious whether she is leaving the show.

Let’s discuss deep Willow in this article and conclude with an answer to all your questions.

A Quick Glance On Willow

Brad Cooper and Lucas Jones took in a baby boy that Willow Tait had for adoption. She and her temporary husband, Michael, will raise Jonah, now known as Wiley.

Unfortunately, Brad replaced Wiley Cooper-Jones after he passed away with Jonah Corinthos and Michael Corinthos, the son of Nelle Benson. 

Goodbye, Willow?

Given that Willow’s leukemia has now reached stage 4, there is a significantly greater risk of the disease spreading to other parts of her body and a substantially lower likelihood that she will survive.

We’ve been expecting for a long time that things may become so bad for Michael’s fiancée that Carly would have to admit her relationship with Nina for Port Charles’ outcast to be able to give blood, bone marrow, or whatever. (Hey, neither are we doctors; Heather Webber is!) But what if Nina isn’t able to save the day for any reason? Who then could?

A Relationship with the Devil

Because Nelle and Willow are sisters, the “late” vixen might be able to provide anything her ex’s new love needs—for a fee.

Imagine if Nelle appeared from nowhere just as Michael and company were preparing to do the arduous chore of saying goodbye to Willow.

Willow leaving General Hospital
Is Willow leaving General Hospital – Will Willow Be Back?

They would undoubtedly agree to withdraw all the accusations against the wanted lady if it turned out that she was the miracle they were looking for, right?

Yes, we are aware that it doesn’t make sense. But keep in mind that in Port Charles, doing a nice act is like getting out of jail free. Correct, Sonny?

Hey, hold on a second…

Then General Hospital might again yank the carpet out from beneath us by having Willow just live long enough to give birth to her and Michael’s child. Yes, crushing. However, it would also give Nelle a rare chance to prove her ability to effect lasting change.

The supervixen had discovered her shortcomings. She was prepared to acknowledge that sometimes retaliation isn’t the most creative.

She could end up as Michael’s solace. The fact that he likes this new Nelle. They could unintentionally end up in the same relationship.

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3 thoughts on “Is Willow leaving General Hospital – Will Willow Be Back?”

    • No nell or Willow. I want to see Nina raise Amelia. Since she didn’t get to raise her own twins. So many people judge her. With her history I’m not surprised she hung on to Willey so hard. She’s as damaged goods as Carly was when she first came on the scene. And Carly did a lot more harm than Nina ever did. So have half the women of Port Charles. Even those who came on sweet and gentle made some bad mistakes that harmed loved once.
      I’m sure some of you know that Laura Wright and Cynthia Wathos played the same characters on gl. Of course Cynthia played the meaner part. Trying to steal her sister Rebas husband Joshua.
      Boy that takes me back.
      Give the writers a chance to make her character on gh a redeeming one. I love the chemistry and fun loving way Nina and Sonny are together. Much better then the blah way he was with Carly.

  1. That would be sad if willow leaves general hospital it’s getting pretty good watching general hospital I start watching general hospital back in the 1980 I wonder if Jason is coming back on general hospital


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