Is Marcus Coloma leaving General Hospital?Marcus Is No More With GH?

Are you a regular General Hospital viewer? There is exciting news awaiting this article. Continue reading to know what.

General Hospital fanatics might know the actor Marcus Coloma. There was shocking news that he would be no more with the show. We don’t know how much the information was accurate; let’s check every nook and corner of details here. 

A Glimpse Of Marcus Coloma!

Actor Marcus Coloma is an American. Coloma has played the American soap opera General Hospital’s Nikolas Cassadine since 2019. Also, he has starred in several TV shows, including the Material Girls movie starring Hilary Duff.

What Happened To Marcus Coloma?

It is said that the final episode of Marcus Coloma in General Hospital will premiere in January.

After 3 long years of togetherness with the General Hospital team, his contract period was not renewed, and unfortunately, the farewell of this actor was not in a dignified way either.

According to Deadline, issues from a recent case of Covid prevented the actor, who has been playing Nikolas Cassadine for the past few seasons, from properly wrapping up on set.

Based on the report, Coloma and ABC decided “that he should not record the last few days of the year” because of his health issues.

The actor’s spokesman has disputed rumors that he was dismissed or left the set before filming his last sequences.

The agent also provided Deadline with a letter addressed to Coloma’s supporters, which stated, “Dear Friends and Fans of Marcus Coloma, we wanted to confirm that Marcus will no longer be portraying the part of Nikolas Cassadine,” as noted in an ABC release. 

Marcus’s three-year contract with General Hospital has come to an end, and he has had a great time working on the program with the many excellent performers, writers, producers, and directors.

Marcus Coloma leaving General Hospital
Marcus Coloma leaving General Hospital

The end of January will mark his final airdate. Unfortunately, the network generously agreed that he should not record the last few days of the year owing to health problems brought on by his recent exposure to Covid.

Also, it remarked, “Marcus is happy to have revived Nikolas, a famous and complex character, in approximately 300 episodes.” Coloma said, “I was instantly drawn to the ensemble cast’s family-like atmosphere. And I became fascinated with the fervent fan base. Week after week, they have shown me an outpouring of love and joy beyond anything I’ve ever known. I shall always be appreciative of their generosity and assistance.”

Marcus fans were waiting for his speedy recovery and expecting him to be back on the show. Let’s wait and see what will happen in the upcoming episodes.

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