Is Britt leaving General Hospital – Will Britt Leave General Hospital?

On November 14–25, 2022, according to General Hospital’s 2-week spoilers, Britt Westbourne’s darkest dread will come true. A bombshell is dropped on GH as someone else is almost caught. Check out new spoilers for the ABC sudser for the upcoming two weeks.

Two-Week Spoilers for General Hospital: Britt Westbourne’s World Was Rocked

The news Britt Westbourne has feared since finding out she has the Huntington’s disease marker will be revealed on GH the following week. Except for her mother, Liesl Obrecht, Britt has kept her illness a secret.

Additionally, Britt permits Liesl to inform her lover Scott Baldwin. Austin Holt observed her trembling. She told Austin the truth at General Hospital.

This month, the Britt Westbourne actress quit GH to concentrate on the Station 19 drama in its primetime slot. Britt soon learns the bad news, probably that the illness is worsening. She tells her mother after that.

Therefore, this is the start of her farewell. I hope Britt doesn’t end up being murdered. Fans would be unfortunate to see her leave. However, there is a chance for her to return if she departs for therapy. But Britt soon finds that things are chaotic.

Spoilers for the last two weeks of General Hospital: Holly Sutton

Holly Sutton will question Robert Scorpio at General Hospital the following week. Holly obviously can’t reveal to him that she works for Victor Cassadine.

Later, when Vic gives Holly a new directive, things grow worse. Someone close to her is in danger, most likely her son Ethan Lovett. She must thus act fast and logically.

Then Vic is confronted by Valentin Cassadine. Later, Martin Gray and Val collaborate. Naturally, Marty wants to locate Lucy Coe.

Is Britt leaving General Hospital
Is Britt leaving General Hospital – Will Britt Leave General Hospital?

Additionally, Val might be able to persuade Martin that Anna Devane is innocent. Harrison Chase receives a surprise somewhere else.

Then, Linc Brown receives threats from Brook Lynn Quartermaine. BLQ also makes a significant choice. Will Chase join the crew, though?

GH Spoilers for Next Week: Carly Corinthos Astonished

Additionally, Carly Corinthos from General Hospital is inconsolable when Michael Corinthos breaks the news. It seems doubtful that Willow Tait will announce her cancer diagnosis anytime soon.

The stunning information is, therefore, probably that Willow is looking for her birth parents. Drew Cain, Carly’s new boyfriend, is also assisting in the hunt.

Carly must inform Willow that Nina Reeves is her biological mother very soon. Alternatively, permit her to do her independent search.

Dante Falconeri blunders elsewhere. She also deceives her ex-boyfriend Sonny Corinthos. The two then start fighting.

Sam McCall then lets mum Alexis Davis in. The Thanksgiving program from last year will be aired again on November 24.

GH is chock full of surprises. Keep an eye out for Britt Westbourne’s upcoming developments following her terrible health update on the ABC soap opera. And owing to college football on November 25, there won’t be an episode.

Stay tuned to learn more spoilers and the hottest news!

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