Heather Is The Hook Killer! What Happened In The General Hospital?

On Monday, January 3, 2023, at General Hospital, Drew and Carly was spending their New Year’s together happily; Dante wondered whether he was doing his work as an officer well.

In the meanwhile, the hook killer rushes towards Joss from the other side of the docks. Joss tried to escape from him. She even tried to flee, but she was trapped and fell down. And the crooked killer charges her with a high-mounted hook. 

Joss rushes and starts yelling, “Help! Help!” 

When Britt suddenly appears and slams the hook with her purse, she says, “Back off bitch!” a pursuit begins.

When several beat officers reached the dock, they found Britt sitting there all alone. 

She claims she just got the upper hand in a fight. Given the importance of calls they’ve obtained regarding the hook tonight, they have doubts. She displays to them her ripped bag as well as the hook that was left on the pier as evidence. 

Further, she added that she heard a woman shouting to help, which is why she ran to the place. The other woman had already left by the time she drove the hook off, she continued.

Dex was the one who saved Josslyn and Britt. He then took Joss to his house and made her a drink. Joss expressed gratitude to him for rescuing her and Britt. They discussed that they should confess all the details to the cops.

Dex was thinking about the moment that Joss shot the Hook with the gun given by Sonny. He believes the bullet could either be inside the Hook or in the water. He informs her that they have no license for the gun. Joss felt that he is still defending Sonny.

Dex understood Joss with her gestures that she took him wrong. So, he added that Sonny blackmailed him into ignoring Joss and asked him about their relationship. 

Heather on General Hospital
Heather Is The Hook Killer

Joss felt that she could pass away the night, and she believes that Dex was always there for her when she needed him. When they both were feeling some intimacy, Dex felt not to miss the chance.

He pulled her very close to him and started kissing her. What’s the next move? Yes, they quickly started to undress, rushed to the couch, and started making love.

At that romantic moment, here at the docks, Hook was shot dead. They removed his mask and found. IT’S HEATHER!

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  1. How the heck can it be Heather how can she get of were she is with out being cought as many times as she has killed she is a sick ass crazy and she needs to get busted


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