GH Spoiler Alert: Who Is Returning To GH Now?

Hey, GH fans!

Most General Hospital fanatics were waiting for their favorite moment. Is it true? Does the most awaited moment come?

Yes, people are waiting for Griff to return to GH… Let’s see whether he will come or not in the article.

A Quick Glance On Griffin Munro

A fictitious character on the ABC soap opera General Hospital is Dr. Griffin Fitzhugh Munro, M.D. He is the offspring of the late gangster Duke Lavery and his ex-girlfriend Margaret Munro.

From February 5, 2016, till December 10, 2019, the actor Matt Cohen played him.

A Glimpse Of General Hospital

On April 1, 1963, General Hospital had its ABC network debut. The world’s longest-running daytime soap opera that is still in production is this one.

Frank and Doris Hursley, a husband and wife team that compose soap operas, invented the program. Additionally, General Hospital has won the most Daytime Emmy Awards.

Daytime serial Port Charles (1997–2003) and the primetime spinoff General Hospital: Night Shift were both created due to it (2007–2008). The show was included in Time magazine’s “100 Best TV Shows of All-Time” list in 2007.

Griff Is Back!

Matt Cohen, a former employee at General Hospital, uploaded a humorous video clip to Instagram on September 27. He is heard saying, “Just out here having a little fun.” Not at all a horrible day.

And we can see that he has a piece of paper on his lap when the camera moves down from his dashing visage in the rearview mirror. It reads “GH Crew” on it.

Fans immediately started to assume that the actor would soon resume appearances as Dr. Griffin Munro, Duke’s son and Ava’s former boyfriend. The character’s comeback would also come at a perfect time because Nikolas’ affair with Esme has severely damaged the marriage of his former love interest.

We know that Griffin had moved on with Kiki, Ava’s tragic daughter, when he washed out three years ago. But when has a minor issue like that prevented someone from experiencing their emotions again?

Griffin may be consulting on The Case of the Poisoned Hook and reuniting with Ava, in whom he always tried to see the positive.

GH Spoiler Alert: Who Is Returning To GH Now?
Griff coming back to GH

Port Charles must have a fishhook that has been extra-tainted with poison because having someone running about stabbing people with a fishhook is not sufficient.

Unfortunately, what transpired may have been Cohen doing a program for Entertainment Tonight, where he has since left General Hospital, rather than donning Griffin’s scrubs once more. Let’s wait and watch for further incredible happenings.

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