Drew Cheetwood Returns to General Hospital to Honor Sonya Eddy

Fans of General Hospital were devastated by the sudden and unexpected passing of Sonya Eddie, who played the beloved character of Epiphany Johnson on the popular daytime drama. 

Now, one of her former co-stars, Drew Cheetwood, who played Max Giambetti, is returning to the show to pay tribute to Eddie in a special episode that is scheduled to air prior to the General Hospital Nurses Ball in the first week of April. 

This article will provide all the details about Cheatwood’s return and the upcoming tribute episode.

The Beloved Giambetti Brothers

Derk and Drew Cheatwood played the roles of Max and Milo Giambetti, respectively, in General Hospital. The brothers worked for Sonny Corinthos and were beloved by fans of the show. 

Their disappearance from Port Charles without any explanation left fans disappointed and wondering what had happened to them.

A Sudden Disappearance

Max had been in a long-time relationship with Diane Miller, while Milo was dating Epiphany Johnson. Fans never really saw Milo and Epiphany together as a couple, and prior to Eddie’s death, she seemed to be sweet on Marshall Ashford. 

The sudden disappearance of the Giambetti brothers left many unanswered questions, and fans were left to wonder if they would ever return.

Remembering Sonya Eddie

Sonya Eddie, who played Epiphany Johnson in General Hospital, passed away in December 2021 at the age of 55 due to an infection after surgery. 

Remembering Sonya Eddie
Remembering Sonya Eddie

Her death was a shock to the General Hospital cast and fans alike. Eddie was known for lighting up the world with her incredible light and being many beautiful things to many people.

A Special Tribute Episode

Drew Cheetwood has announced that he will be returning to General Hospital for a special tribute episode to honor Sonya Eddie. The episode is scheduled to air prior to the General Hospital Nurses Ball in the first week of April. 

Cheatwood posted on social media, saying that he hopes to fill more people with love, laughter, and light, just as Eddie did for him and so many others.

Fans’ Hopes for a Return

Fans have been hoping for the return of the Giambetti brothers to General Hospital, but so far, there has been no news of their return. 

Cheetwood’s return for the tribute episode is sure to be an emotional moment for fans of the show who have been missing the Giambetti brothers and Sonya Eddie.

Final Feather

The upcoming tribute episode to Sonya Eddie on General Hospital is sure to be an emotional one for both the cast and the fans of the show. 

Drew Cheatwood’s return to honor his former co-star is a testament to the love and respect that the cast and crew of General Hospital have for one another. 

We can’t wait to see the special episode and pay our respects to the wonderful Sonya Eddie.

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