Ava Jerome’s Future On General Hospital Uncertain: Is Ava Leaving GH?

Is Maura West quitting the ABC soap opera General Hospital after Ava Jerome’s death? She is transported to the hospital as the situation appears severe because of her massive blood loss. Is this the end for Marcus Coloma’s wife, Nikolas Cassadine?

Ava Jerome & her Struggles

When something terrible happens to Ava Jerome at General Hospital, it serves as a constant reminder that she has experienced much more than simply nine lifetimes. 

She has always fought back when she has been up against a wall and has overcome everything—including being roasted alive! When Maura West joined the GH cast in May 2013, Ava made her on-screen debut. 

West previously gained fame among daytime viewers for her Emmy-winning portrayal of Carly on AS THE WORLD TURNS, but she also briefly starred as Diane on THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS between Oakdale and Port Charles!

A bit from Past

Since her daughter, Kiki Jerome, was fathered by Franco Baldwin, who was at the time thought to be a Quartermaine, Ava landed in Port Charles expecting to obtain a piece of ELQ. 

However, it was later discovered that Ava had been lying and that Dr. Silas Clay was Kiki’s true father. After finding that Morgan Corinthos had been hiding the truth from her, Kiki dumped him, and Ava was despised by everyone she had lied to. 

So, as Ava and Morgan started having an affair, the two turned to one another for solace.

Escape Plan

Ava unintentionally ran down Jason while trying to escape Sonny’s goons who were trying to kidnap her, almost giving birth too soon. 

Although she was able to carry the pregnancy to term, an insane Nina Reeves kidnapped Avery as soon as she was born in an effort to have a family with Franco! 

But as soon as Avery safely returned home, Ava was detained on suspicion of killing Connie. Oh, then it turned out that the child belonged to Sonny!

Is Ava Leaving GH
Ava on General Hospital: Is Ava Leaving GH?

Ava came close to breaking out of jail, but Carlos Rivera stopped her and shot her. Sonny discovered her dangling from a bridge but declined to rescue her, allowing her to fall to her feared demise. 

Fortunately, Silas discovered her and took her in to bring her back to health. 

Ava Reports to Trina

When it was later discovered that Spencer was responsible for the stalking, Ava had him detained right away. 

He refused to negotiate and agreed to do his sentence after becoming enraged that she had been given control of his trust fund. Spencer was mandated to work as a volunteer at the Jerome gallery as part of his sentence, and Ava instructed him to report to Trina.

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While she and Nikolas put up a united front against a freshly returned Victor Cassadine, Ava canceled their vow renewal and wouldn’t let Nikolas near her after Esme Prince persuaded Nik to let her move into Wyndemere with Spencer.

Ending Note

Reports state that the departure of the actress Maura West has not been officially announced. Additionally, it appears that Maura, who plays Ava Jerome, may leave the series following an as-yet-unknown death scene. Maura West plays Ava Jerome in the General Hospital television series. 

Watch this space to see how her tale develops!

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