General Hospital spoilers next week January 9 -13

The most recent General Hospital spoilers are available on for the upcoming week, from Monday, January 9, to Friday, January 13. 

While Elizabeth and Cameron have a crucial conversation, Finn desperately deals with his anguish. Nikolas and Victor’s relationship seems to be deteriorating, Trina voices concern for her mother, and Diane is needed for legal assistance.

A Glimpse Of Past Week!

In today’s recap, Willow receives news that will change her life, Sonny extends an offer to Spencer, and Nina stops her aunt from making a disastrous mistake.

Sonny has always harbored affection for Spencer, but he does not incline to feel the same way toward the boy’s father. Why?

Willow receives a call that might be very significant going ahead.

Obrecht stands forward and takes control of the situation since she never let others do her dirty labor. When someone needs assistance, Carly is there.

Spencer is about to confront his worst fear: losing Trina permanently. Nicholas Chavez gives a glimpse of what’s to come.

The Following Days!


Both Victor and Sonny would agree that their families come first in their lives. Therefore, it seems natural that Cassadine’s father would look to Sonny for assistance whenever there is an issue.

Will Terry be able to give Willow and Michael some good news when they meet with her?

Since knowing about Elizabeth and Nikolas’ purported affair, Finn has struggled. He tries to ignore his suffering but can’t.


Elizabeth, Laura’s ex-daughter-in-law, has always held a special place in her heart, but now she is also moved by her loyalty.

Victor will undoubtedly make Nikolas feel uncomfortable when he confronts him.

Jordan and Dante start a search after donning their detective hats or, at the very least, their badges.

Drew is about to receive a tremendous shock, while Carly will submit some crucial information.


Carly has never been the type of woman to second-guess herself, but today, she might be in a situation to explain what she did. The person to whom she mounts that defense may determine how well it goes.

Since Gladys initially arrived in Port Charles, she and Sonny had come a long way. Now that Brook Lynn is clear on her goals, she is willing to strive for them.

Cody is ready to start an uproar. We are excited to see what the man conjures up, especially since we first met him when he practically fell over Britt at a pool party.


Since the beginning, Cameron and Elizabeth have developed a friendship that enables him to be open with his mother. 

Cody is a good-looking single man. Sasha is a lovely widow. Could the realisation that they have certain similarities be the start of something new?

Sometimes a guy just wants to forget. But due to a bittersweet memory, Chase will find that more challenging than he’d want.

General Hospital spoilers week of January 9
General Hospital spoilers week of January 9

When Michael needs it most, his loved ones come together to assist him. Carly may have sensed danger since she is prepared for everything that comes her way.


Sonny isn’t perceived by us as a man with a great deal of regrets. However, he presently provides one voice. In the meantime, Nina, his girlfriend, is set to get a tremendous shock.

When Spencer tells Alexis some shocking news, what will she do?

Since the hook started striking people in Portia’s group, she has been concerned about Trina. But she’ll be more worried than ever after hearing the news her daughter gives!

What will Alexis do with the shocking information that Spencer tells her?

Diane goes to the PCPD to show why she is the first person in the community to  call when they are in difficulty.

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  1. Wow, that was quite a mouthful of tidbits! I presume that Drew discovers Nina is Willows bio mom and now Carly is going to have open up. I’m not sure about the Spencer case your talking about at this point or why it’s going to destroy Trina and his relationship. I think Cody and Sasha would make a good couple, as long as Cody is straight with her from the start. I think it’s time for him to tell Mac that he’s his son and that he lied because he wanted that stupid necklace for money.


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