General Hospital Spoiler next Week: Bad news for Britt fans?

The most awaited recent General Hospital spoilers are available on SoapAsk for two weeks, from November 28 to December 2.

A warning is given to Cody, Britt has given bad news, and Carly is surprised by Michael’s declaration. In addition, Willow’s health changed, and a few Christmas preemptions are coming your way.

Let’s check the elaborate spoilers down here.

General Hospital spoilers for the upcoming week

November 28 – Monday 

Will Scott’s surprise caller be a voice from the past or someone he knows who could be asking for support? 

Talk about unlikely coalitions! Ava is the person Kevin and Mac go to when they need assistance. 

Dante interrogates Heather! 

Victor makes a snap judgment, but it’s incorrect. 

There aren’t many people who are more desperate than Holly is right now when taking drastic action. But what action will she take next?

November 29 – Tuesday 

The Thanksgiving turkey has to be cut into pieces. Will the Quartermaines, though, have the same meal as the rest of us or their regular pizza? 

What has Sam so worried that she needs Dante’s advice? 

Despite the recent difficulties Nina and Sonny have faced, he gives her promises. 

What did Alexis do to deserve a visit from a disgruntled Jordan? 

Holly might have to respond to a few difficult questions when she is on the witness stand. 

November 30 – Wednesday 

Brook Lynn will learn that all acts, even her own, have repercussions. 

Can Cody and Liesl agree? 

Trina and Marshall have developed a strong friendship, and she leans on him for support. 

General Hospital Spoiler next Week
General Hospital Spoiler next Week: Bad news for Britt fans?

Victor is enraged, and we can’t help but think that a dangerous Victor is enraged. 

Family-related topics are the topic of a long-overdue chat between Curtis and Portia. 

December 1 – Thursday 

It seems sensible for Josslyn to turn to Carly, given how similar the mother and daughter are. 

Michael could discover that Dex is more difficult to control than he had first thought, which prompts him to caution the man against getting too close to Joss. 

It takes some time for Chase and Sasha to catch up. 

Well, here’s a situation we never really anticipated: Valentin goes to Sonny for help! 

December 2 – Friday 

What prompts Sam and Sasha to spend time together to bond? 

Spencer rejects his father’s latest attempt to rekindle their relationship, so it doesn’t appear that their relationship will get better soon. 

Drew advances in his mystical investigation. 

Dex has an offer for Josslyn, but they disagree on it. 

How bad of an issue is it when Willow needs medical attention?

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  1. They keep it interesting. They should find a way for Chade to forgive Brooklyn. Bring Dex and Joss togather like her Mom and Sonny no matter what they get togather. Sonny and Carly Love each other no matter what goes before the fall. Neverending Love!!!


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