General Hospital Spoiler December 12-16: What Will Happen Next?

The most current General Hospital spoilers are from December 12 to December 16. Carly is outraged by Nina’s actions concerning her kid, Spencer receives a present, Victor reveals a surprise, Felicia is given disturbing news, Dex is placed on notice, and Ava swears war.

General Hospital spoilers for December 9, Friday

In the recap for today, Spencer interrupts Trina and Rory’s date, Finn asks Elizabeth if she’s pregnant, and Ryan confronts Heather about what she left him with as they talk about their history.

Dex appears to be shaky with Sonny, who warns his partner.

Carly has been annoyed by Nina’s persistent meddling in her affairs. Something tells us that Carly would be furious to learn that Sonny’s current girlfriend is trying to get close to Josslyn!

Finn will get a shock, and he might even wish he could turn back time.

Spencer makes a snap judgment, and as is frequently the case when this happens, it will definitely be incorrect.

Could this be the opportunity we’ve been waiting for at last? The role in the ABC soap opera that will expose Nina and Willow’s family connection may have just been cast.

General Hospital Spoilers For The Following Week

General Hospital spoilers for December 12, Monday

It is clear when Heather creates an alliance that it is of an evil sort. Would the she-devil be able to create any other type, after all?

Esme tries her best to control Nikolas, but she is unable. His wife is there to soothe Trina while she is in need in the meanwhile.

What causes Finn to shake?

Drew has been tasked with breaking some news that won’t please everyone!

General Hospital spoilers for December 13, Tuesday

Only a few days ago, Sonny and Nina were professing their love for one another and enjoying each other’s presence. Why is she suddenly unsure of her role in his life?

While Carly’s most recent plan runs into a small hiccup, Drew notices that he and Willow are becoming more intimate. Does anyone else think that her efforts to keep Willow in the dark may backfire on her with several characters?

General Hospital Spoiler December 12-16: What Will Happen Next?
General Hospital Spoiler December 12-16: What Will Happen Next?

Austin does something that Maxie most definitely finds offensive.

Gregory and Alexis try to decide what to do next.

General Hospital spoilers for December 14, Wednesday

One thing we will say about Port Charles is that the locals continue to surprise us even after all these years. Let’s say Sonny showed up to express his support. Obrecht?!?

Although Britt is a complicated person, there is no denying her affection for her best friend Brad. He is moved by what she does right now.

Cody tries to fulfill Maxie’s need for a buddy when she has one.

Jordan gives the thumbs up to Rory. Something causes Spencer to lose his rage in the meanwhile!

General Hospital spoilers for December 15, Thursday

Curtis and Alexis compare ideas.

As he follows a tip, Dante is hot on the tail. But will he be able to solve a mystery as a result?

Nikolas has recently been attempting to juggle a lot of balls. Will he unintentionally drop one when under pressure? And what is it that genuinely shocks Ava? Could it be connected to the recent tragedy, which is going to make Port Charles headlines?

General Hospital spoilers for December 16, Friday

Now that Ava has declared war, some of the people may want to get ready.

Elizabeth finds herself dreading the worse. But is she being overly cautious or fretting for no reason?

Laura makes it apparent that she believes in her grandson, despite the fact that he may not always make the best choices.

Trina, who is upset, has already had a difficult year and things don’t seem to be getting any easier.

Valentin provides his support and reassurances that everything will work out as Anna becomes concerned about the circumstances that are escalating out of her control around her.

The day of Britt’s birthday is rapidly approaching. but do the stars predict a fantastic evening or a terrible gathering?

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