General Hospital 12/21/2022: What happened Yesterday?

In General Hospital, the feelings were running hot yesterday. Josslyn consoles Trina, Maxie breaks Austin’s heart, Brook Lynn panics, Dante has some bad news for Chase, Alexis confronts Spencer, Michael and Willow tell Wiley their big news, and Carly attempts to stop Drew from doing something terrible!

While Trina is still in shock over Rory’s horrible death, Josslyn, who has plenty of her own issues to worry about, is there for her BFF.

Is there anything she can do to assist Trina in coping with her emotions, though? Joss asserts, “I know you’re saying it, but I don’t believe you mean it.

Maxie has lately given her relationship with Austin some thought, and it seems like she’s ready to end it. She begins, “Fate brought us together.”

At least, that’s what Austin thinks. However, Austin interjects, “We’re not meant to be.” Was she really going to say that?

Is Austin and Maxie’s relationship over now?

Brook Lynn is inconsolable when she talks on the phone from the Quartermaine estate. She sobs, “You have no clue what this means. But is she receiving good or terrible news?

Dante looks to have some excellent news for Chase in the meanwhile! When Chase knocks on his door, he says, “I’ve got some news.” Could Chase be about to be reinstated to the PCPD? “And I don’t think it can wait,” said the speaker.

Austin and maxie
General Hospital 12/21/2022: What happened Yesterday?

While speaking with Spencer during a family Christmas party, Alexis makes the decision to offer the teenager a harsh reality check. “You lie so horribly! “, she responds. Can she convince him to accept reality?

Wiley receives an impressive Christmas gift from Michael and Willow when they sit him down. Michael tells his kid, “Me and Mommy have something to tell you.” Will Wiley be ecstatic to have a sibling?

As Drew looks for Willow’s biological mother, Carly has been frantically trying to get him off the trail. She cautions him, “That would be a pretty terrible mistake.” If Carly learned the precise reason why Willow wanted to find her mother, she could reconsider her position.

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  1. Carlie is such a hypocrite. Look what’s she’s hiding from Willow. Especially now.
    I mean what’s she’s doing is worse than Nina’s keeping Sonny to herself! This is my opinion however.


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