General Hospital recap (12/27/2022): Carly Is Making trouble…

According to General Hospital spoilers for December 27, 2022, Gladys and Selina will cross paths, putting Sasha in trouble. Chase will assist Sasha when her problems get worse.

Carly will keep Nina and Willow’s biological relationship a secret and thwart Drew’s ambitions. He will also choose to tell Britt about the argument with Cody. Continue reading to know more.

Carly Keeps Making Trouble!

Fans know Carly would stop at nothing to keep Nina away from Willow and her newborn child. In the upcoming episode of General Hospital, it is predicted that Carly will continue to thwart Drew’s efforts to identify Willow’s biological parents.

Sonny will conduct a significant transaction with someone while Drew continues unaware of Carly’s ploy. We must thus wait to get the details. Willow’s health will deteriorate elsewhere as she begins to feel weak and is unable to carry out everyday tasks.

Tragically, Drew and Carly will keep critical information from one another. One is concealing Willow’s cancer, while the other is concealing the mysteries of the birth mother.

While Carly and Drew believe they are helping Willow, they are actually endangering her life. Brook Lynn and Maxie will converse with one another somewhere else.

Maxie will parallel Brook’s narration of her trauma and her broken love. She has broken up with Austin, so she has additional material to settle Brook.

Sasha and Chase Become Closer!

Chase and Sasha will get closer as General Hospital progresses. According to the teasers, Chase will try to spend time with Sasha, much as they did before the holidays.

It won’t be complex, though, since Chase will want more. Fans are aware of how horrific Sasha’s year has been in the wake of the deaths of her husband and kid. Harrison has been deceived by Brook as well. Therefore the two of them could get close. Could there be love in the air? We will know that soon.

Gladys and Selina will run into each other. It won’t be a pleasant meeting because Sasha will experience additional problems as a result.

She will soon be facing bankruptcy and withdrawing guardianship, which she is already about to do. Gladys seemed to be planning to exploit Sasha and sabotage her future. We have to see what she is up to.

Carly Is Making trouble…
Carly Is Making trouble…

On the other side, Cody may also admit to Britt that he lied to her from the beginning. He begins by extorting money from Spinelli, pursuing her, and everything. Cody will speak with Britt before she departs the area, though. 

Will he be honest with her about his past since he likes her? Pour your thoughts in the comment section.

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