General Hospital Comings and Goings: Heartbreaking Goodbyes To New Storylines

“General Hospital” is one of the longest-running soap operas on American television, and its cast of characters is always in flux.

Whether it’s due to actors leaving the show to pursue other opportunities, or new characters being introduced to shake things up, the residents of Port Charles are constantly evolving. 

In this article, we’ll take a look at the characters who are currently leaving and joining the series and what changes their departures and arrivals will bring to the show. 

“From heartbreaking goodbyes to exciting new storylines, there’s never a dull moment on General Hospital.”

Anthony Montgomery, Welcome!

On December 28, Anthony Montgomery will make his General Hospital comeback as Dr. Andre Maddox.

Matt Cohen, Welcome Back!

Matt Cohen could make a comeback on General Hospital as Dr. Griffin Munro, the father of Duke and ex-lover of Ava.

A document with the words “GH Crew” on it was displayed in the actor’s Instagram picture. He called Ellie Trout in the show on December 23.

Emily Wilson Returns!

Emily vanished in the year of 2016. However, in the GH episode airing on December 23, Emily Wilson plays Ellie Trout once more. Spinelli will appear in scenes with her. 

Marcus Coloma Is Out Of The Frame!

The actor Nikolas Cassadine who plays Marcus Coloma, departs from General Hospital.

Although Adam Huss hasintermittently  stepped in for the actor for numerous episodes this year, there is no information on when his final episode will be broadcast or who will replace him.

There are no plans to recast him, but as Coloma is rumored to have declined to return for Nikolas’ closing moments, we think Huss could appear briefly in those.

Michael Blake Kruse, Bye, Bye!

When Rory Cabrera passed away after becoming the next victim of the Hook Killer, Michael Blake Kruse also left the screen. His final episode aired on December 15.

“Many thanks to everyone who has offered me encouraging words regarding Rory Cabrera departing the GH canvas,” the actor posted in an Instagram post.

General Hospital comings and goings 2023
General Hospital comings and goings 2023

I liked the character’s spirit and had fun portraying him. He was uncultured and ignorant, maybe, but at least he was real. He was always honest and had Trina’s best interests in mind, in particular. 

Port Charles isn’t the easiest place to police, and Rory was at best a lousy police officer. He also lacked a radio, a bulletproof jacket, and a hostler from the 1970s.

Also, he added, “I had the privilege of working with several amazing individuals, and I now have a deeper appreciation for everyone associated with daytime television. It’s simple to criticize, but difficult to build. All my love and gratitude to the encouraging supporters I’ve encountered.”

Who is your favorite leaving the show? And who are you waiting for?

Pour your answers into the comment section.

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  1. I am fairly new on GENERAL HOSPITAL. it been about 3-4 years. Never saw the Luke and Laura storyline. But am now
    a die hard fan. Love the Carly Sonny episodes. Michael and
    Willow storyline. Don’t care much for the Nina n Sonny storyline. But I wait with bated breath for each new episode.
    The writers are always throwing us fans a curve ball. But then that’s what keeps the fans watching.

  2. I Love Watching GH I Hope That Jason Is Coming Back In 2023 Like I Read They Are A Great Crew I Love Most Of Them❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


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