General Hospital comings and goings 2023

Who will stay on the cast of General Hospital in 2022 and 2023, and who will leave? Find out here what will happen to your favourite people in Port Charles in the next season.

Anthony Montgomery

On December 28, Anthony Montgomery will return as Dr Andre Maddox at General Hospital.

Matt Cohen

Matt Cohen may return to General Hospital as Dr Griffin Munro. Griffin is the son of Duke and Ava’s (Maura West) ex-boyfriend (Ian Buchanan).

The actor shared a picture of a piece of paper with the words “GH Crew” on it on his Instagram account.

In the episode aired on December 23, he called Ellie Trout on the phone.

Cohen hasn’t been seen in Port Charles as Griffin since March 2019. Some people may know him from his roles on Supernatural TV shows and How to Get Away with Murder.

He has also been on Holiday Date and has directed a little bit of TV in the past. He was the director of a Supernatural episode, the short film Mama Bear, and several Cowgirl Up episodes. These are some of his other directing jobs.

The Comeback of Emily Wilson

In the December 23 episode of General Hospital, Emily Wilson will play Ellie Trout again.

She will be in scenes where Spinelli is the main character (Bradford Anderson). January 2016 was the last time anyone saw her.

Marcus Coloma Out

Marcus Coloma quit his role as Nikolas Cassadine at General Hospital.

Even though we have yet to determine when his last episode will air or who will take over his role, Adam Huss, who you can see in the picture below, has been filling in for the actor on and off for different episodes this year.

Even though there are no plans to replace him right now, there is a chance that Huss will show up briefly in Nikolas’ last scenes since Coloma reportedly turned down the parts. Even so, there are no plans to find someone else to play him.

Coloma posted a video to her Instagram account in which she said, “It’s hard even to put it into words. The feeling at General Hospital is a lot like being in a family.

Michael Blake Kruse Exits

Rory Cabrera was the last person to be killed by the Hook Killer. Michael Blake Kruse was no longer involved in what happened when he died. The last time he was supposed to be somewhere was on December 15.

GH comings and goings
GH comings and goings

In a statement on Instagram, the actor thanked those who had sent him words of support after Rory Cabrera left the General Hospital set.

Even though he was very simple and didn’t know much, at least he was honest. Trina could always count on him to be honest, and trustworthy, and he always looked out for what was best for her.

That must mean something, if anything, to people who back Sprina. Rory was, at best, a below-average police officer, but keeping order in Port Charles was challenging. He wore a hostler from the 1970s and didn’t have a radio or a bulletproof vest.

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  1. Will miss him . And my Sonya such a great actress she was . I cried ???? love my General Hospital and of course Steve Burton my honey so manly and handsome . Such a gentleman . Love all the cast ❤ especially my esme as well . We all love ❤ a villain. And her parents . Fablous story line.

  2. I’m really sorry that Coloma has quit! I’ve enjoyed watching him thoroughly. Maybe you can bring back Christopher? I hope Griffith does come back though, because he was a great asset to the show. If Britt leaves, we are going to need a replacement for her and he would make a wonderful one. I hate to see Britt leave also! She’s a wonderful actress and will be missed, even though I will see her on Station 19.


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