General Hospital Cast List

General Hospital is the longest-running serial ever created in Hollywood. It began in 1963 and is still counting. With 14 victories, it holds the record for the most Daytime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Drama Series.

With stakes in many of the city’s businesses, the auent Quartermaine family continues to loom large over Port Charles. Even though characters come and go, fans can always depend on Quartermaine or Spencer to cause trouble.

Current Cast Members

  • Michael Corinthos
  • Sonny Corinthos
  • Alexis Davis
  • Anna Devane
  • Dante Falconeri
  • Hamilton Finn
  • Austin Gatlin-Holt
  • Sasha Gilmore
  • Curtis Ashford
  • Marshall Ashford
  • T.J. Ashford
  • Drew Cain
  • Nikolas Cassadine
  • Spencer Cassadine
  • Victor Cassadine
  • Gregory Chase
  • Harrison Chase
  • Laura Collins
  • Carly Spencer
  • Josslyn Jacks
  • Ava Jerome
  • Maxie Jones
  • Samantha McCall
  • Esme Prince
  • Brook Lynn Quartermaine
  • Nina Reeves
  • Portia Robinson
  • Trina Robinson
  • Felicia Scorpio
  • Willow Tait
  • Elizabeth Webber-Baldwin
  • Britt Westbourne

Carly Spencer Curtis Ashford (Played by Donnell Turner)

Curtis Ashford is a famous former private investigator in Port Charles. He presently owns The Savoy, a well-known nightclub.

Cast of General Hospital
Cast of General Hospital (Main Cast and Recurring Cast)

Curtis was recently reunited with his father, Marshall, and has close relationships with his aunt Stella and nephew T.J. Ashford.

Marshall Ashford (Played by Robert Gosset)

Marshall Ashford is Curtis’ once estranged father and an ardent musician. He was thought to be dead until he returned to Curtis’ life and was desperate to reconcile with his son.

T.J. Ashford (Played by Tajh Bellow)

Dr. “T.J.” Ashford is Butler and Ashford’s son. TJ has made a reputation for himself as a rising star on General Hospital after being named after the man assumed to be his father, Tommy Ashford.

His granddad, Marshall, and his domestic partner, MollyDavis, are among his increasing family.

Drew Cain (Played by Cameron Mathison)

Drew Cain is the long-lost son of Alan Quartermaine and the late Jason Morgan’s twin brother.

He has two children, Emily Cain and Oscar Nero, who died when he was little. After surviving an assassination attempt by Peter, he returned to Port Charles in 2020.

Nikolas Cassadine (Played by Marcus Coloma)

Prince Nikolas is the late Stavros Cassadine and Laura Collins’ son. He was thought to have been slain by Valentin Cassadine and returned to

Port Charles in 2019 with a vengeance on his mind.

Spencer Cassadine (Played by Nicholas Chavez)

Spencer Cassadine is the son of the late Courtney Matthews and Nikolas Cassadine. His grandmother Laura Collins, uncle Sonny, and cousin Cameron are among his extended family members.

After spending much of his life at European boarding institutions, he just returned to Port Charles.

Victor Cassadine (Played by Charles Shaughnessy)

Victor Cassadine is the son of Ivan Cassadine and the late Mikkos Cassadine’s brother.

He has faked his death several times, most notably at the hands of Liesl Obrecht, resulting in an explosion at the Crichton-Clark Clinic.

Gregory Chase (Played by Gregory Harrison)

Gregory Chase is a University of Berkeley professor and the father of Harrison Chase and Hamilton Finn. He and his wife, Jackie Templeton, divorced recently.

Harrison Chase (Played by Josh Swickard)

Harrison Chase works for the Port Charles Police Department as a detective. He is a half-brother of Dr. Hamilton. “Chase” is considered the PCPD’s most methodical o cer.

Laura Collins (Played by Genie Francis)

Laura Collins is a well-known Port Charles inhabitant. She seemed to have done everything, from her love for Luke Spencer to facing spurious murder accusations, battling the Cassadines, and becoming the city’s newest Mayor. She has three children and six grandkids.

Carly Spencer (Played by Laura Wright)

Carly Spencer is the daughter of Bobbie Spencer and the niece of Luke Spencer. Carly is determined to rebuild her life on her terms after her divorce from Sonny. Donna, Carly and Sonny’s youngest child, is in shared custody. Carly is becoming increasingly attracted to Drew Cain.

Michael Corinthos (Played by Chad Duell)

Michael Corinthos is Carly and AJ Quartermaine’s biological son. Sonny, on the other hand, adopted and nurtured him. Michael is the current CEO of Aurora Media and is passionate about his family.

Sonny Corinthos (Played by Maurice Benard)

Sonny Corinthos, often known as the “Godfather of Port Charles,” is a “businessman” and the proprietor of Corinthos Co ee. Dante, Michael, Kristina, Avery, and Donna are his live children.

Alexis Davis (Played by Nancy Lee Grahn)

Alexis Davis is the daughter of Mikkos Cassadine, a former high-powered attorney in Port Charles. She has three kids.

Anna Devane (Played by Finola Hughes)

Anna Devane is a spy who has worked for the World Security Bureau for over four decades. She moved to Port Charles and married prominent citizens Duke Lavery and Robert Scorpio.

Dante Falconeri (Played by Dominic Zamprogna)

Dante Falconeri is the son of Sonny, a crime boss, and Olivia Quartermaine.

He works as a Detective for the Port Charles Police Department and is divorced from Lulu Spencer.

Hamilton Finn (Played by Michael Easton)

Dr. Hamilton Finn is an infectious disease expert who just relocated to Port Charles. He was famed for curing Blackwoods Syndrome and used the funds to keep General Hospital from going bankrupt.

Austin Gatlin-Holt (Played by Roger Howarth)

Dr. Austin Gatlin-Holt is the late Jimmy Lee Holt’s and Gatlin’s son. He traveled to Port Charles to contest his grandpa, Edward Quartermaine’s will and to obtain the ELQ shares. Brook Lynn pressured Austin into choosing between his medical career and that claim, and he picked the latter.

Sasha Gilmore (Played by Sofia Mattsson)

Sasha Gilmore traveled to Port Charles under false premises at Valentin Cassadine’s request to win back his divorced wife. She currently shares ownership of Deception Cosmetics with Port Charles stalwart Lucy Coe.

Josslyn Jacks (Played by Eden McCoy)

Josslyn Jacks is the daughter of Carly and Jasper Jacks. Notably, Josslyn had a kidney donation from the late Nelle Benson, who helped her overcome cancer at an early age.

Ava Jerome (Played by Maura West)

Ava Jerome runs the most renowned art gallery in Port Charles. She is the daughter of notorious mobster Victor Jerome, along with her late brother Julian Jerome. Ava has two daughters.

Maxie Jones (Played by Kirsten Storms)

Maxie Jones is the child of Frisco Jones and Felicia Scorpio. Bailey Louise Jones, James West, and Georgie Jones-Spinelli are Maxie’s three o spring. She and Damian are joint legal guardians of Georgie. Bailey’s father is Peter, whereas James’ father, Nathan, died before he was born.

Samantha McCall (Played by Kelly Monaco)

Sam McCall is the daughter of Alexis Davis and Julian Jerome. She works as a private investigator and is renowned for her sense of adventure. She has two children.

Esme Prince (Played by Avery Kristen Pohl)

Esme Prince is a mysterious figure about whom little is known. She went to boarding school in France with Spencer before moving to Port Charles.

She has a disturbing fascination with the notorious Ryan Chamberlain.

Brook Lynn Quartermaine (Played by Amanda Setton)

The daughter of Ned Quartermaine and Lois Cerullo. Brook Lynn is an opinionated member of the Quartermaine family and an aspiring singer/songwriter who is said to ape her grandmother Tracy Quartermaine.

Nina Reeves (Played by Cynthia Watros)

Editor-in-Chief Nina Reeves is in charge of the well-known fashion publication Crimson. Since her bond with her late daughter Nelle Benson was stolen, Nina is making a point of being there for her grandson Wiley Corinthos.

Portia Robinson (Played by Brook Kerr)

Dr. Portia Robinson is Marcus Taggert’s ex-wife and the mother of Trina Robinson. She is presently employed at General Hospital and played a significant role in the conviction of the notorious Cyrus Renault.

Trina Robinson (Played by Tabyana Ali)

Trina Robinson is the child of Lt. Marcus Taggert and Dr. Portia Robinson. She is presently enrolled at Port Charles University with her pals Cameron Webber and Josslyn Jacks.

Felicia Scorpio (Played by Kristina Wagner)

In Port Charles, Felicia has a long and illustrious history. Maxie Jones and the late Georgie Jones are two of the two kids she has with her ex-husband, Frisco Jones. Felicia and her current husband, Mac Scorpio, shared ownership of The Floating Rib Until it was destroyed in 2020.

Willow Tait (Played by Katelyn MacMullen)

Brad Cooper and Lucas Jones adopted a newborn boy from Willow Tait. Unfortunately, when Wiley Cooper-Jones passed away, Brad substituted Michael Corinthos and Nelle Benson’s son Jonah Corinthos for him. Jonah, now known as Wiley Corinthos, will be raised by her and Michael, who she temporarily wed.

Elizabeth Webber-Baldwin (Played by Rebecca Herbst)

Elizabeth Webber is the grandchild of Steve Hardy and Audrey. She arrived in Port Charles as a teen and has grown to be one of the hospital’s most adored nurses. She has three sons.

Britt Westbourne (Played by Kelly Thiebaud)

Dr. Britt is the daughter of renowned felons Cesar Faison and Dr. Liesl Obrecht. She had a brother named Nathan West, who passed away, and a half-brother Peter. She is sometimes referred to as “The Britch.” Also, she and Brad Cooper are co-chiefs of star at General Hospital.

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