General Hospital 12/22/2022: Escaping From Cops!

Ryan and Heather made an effort to avoid the police.

The Thursday, December 22, 2022, GH recap includes a pivotal development in the Hook case.

A Glimpse Of Yesterday!

In this episode, as Esme Prince was passing the time in her tower jail, Mac Scorpio, Felicia Scorpio, and Dante Falconeri paid a visit to Ryan Chamberlain at Spring Ridge.

In addition, Harrison Chase came through for Brook Lynn Quartermaine, Trina Robinson, and Spencer Cassadine to devise a plot. Carly Spencer and Ava Jerome Cassadine became close, and Dex Heller saved Josslyn Jacks.

When Mac learned the DNA associated with the earring Rory Cabrera was wearing when he was slain to Ryan’s late wife, Gloria Wilson, he was prepared at Rice Plaza with his hideous sweater. As a result of her surprise, Felicia insisted on going to Spring Ridge to confront Ryan.

As for Ryan, Heather Webber enjoyed dressing him up as Santa Claus and Rudolph, so he was not pleased to sit there and act as though he was locked up.

When Mac, Felicia, and Dante entered the room, she gave Ryan a present that she hurriedly buried after telling him they would exact revenge on whoever had injured their daughter.

As Ryan blinked, they informed him that because of the earring, he was now related to the Hook case and should only speak to Ava.

When they were alone, Ryan revealed that Heather had taken the earring from the victim-memorabilia bracelet and demanded to know whether she still had it.

At Wyndemere, a lonely Esme made fun of a drunk Nikolas Cassadine over his divorce while privately revealing that she had fulfilled her father’s dream. Later, when Nikolas was thoughtful enough to bring her clean bed linens, she was moved.

Enduring Love!

Dex was there to help Josslyn on the side of the road when she had a flat tire on Christmas Day.

General Hospital 12-22-2022
General Hospital 12/22/2022: Escaping From Cops!

When Spencer swore to devise a scheme to draw Esme out of hiding and make her pay for Rory’s death, Trina was shocked. As a result of Nikolas’ repeated infidelity, Ava informed Carly that they were getting divorced.

Mixture Of Emotions!

As the snow started to fall in Port Charles, Sonny Corinthos and Donna made Nina Reeves and Sasha Gilmore Corbin happy with their presents and kind wishes.

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