Britt Is No More with General Hospital!

Are you a great fan of Britt on General Hospital? Then you might be shocked by the news that she is leaving the show. Is that true? Let’s check every detail in this article.

A Glimpse Of Britt!

The primary antagonist and fictitious character Britt Westbourne are played by Kelly Thiebaud in the ABC television program General Hospital.

Britt Is No More!

The exit of Britt Westbourne! Dr. Britt Westbourne (Kelly Thiebaud) is having emotional and psychological problems as a result of her Huntington’s disease diagnosis.

According to General Hospital comings and goings rumors, Kelly Thiebaud has returned to ABC’s Station 19 to play Eva Vasquez. Due to her involvement with Station 19, Thiebaud was expected to leave General Hospital in November, according to press sources.

However, the actress addressed the issue on Instagram. In her response to a fan, she said she would be able to work on both Station 19 and General Hospital. Despite the Emmy winner’s clarification that she’ll be doing two jobs at once, speculations about her GH leave are circulating.

The exit of Dr. Britt Westbourne is imminent, according to General Hospital spoilers and previews, as she prepares a significant gesture. Even if Kelly Thiebaud’s departure is impending, it’s feasible that she will work on both programs. Kelly’s absence will probably only last through the challenging portions of filming for her prime-time role.

Britt is preparing a birthday celebration, according to GH teasers. If this is her last, she wants to go on a high note. Over the past few weeks, Austin and Britt have become closer.

Britt Is No More with General Hospital
Britt Is No More with General Hospital!

He has fostered genuine connections while being a wonderful support for his fellow employees. Britt must say goodbye to both new and old friends, but will this parting be for good?

It is not sure that Britt is leaving. Let’s wait and watch what will happen next.

2022 is about to be over. It’s time to share your opinion on Britt. The comment section is almost yours.

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  1. I didn’t like her character at first but she really grew on me. I would hate to see her go! Please leave her departure open ended.


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