Wordle June 23 2023 Answer – Wordle 734 Answer and Hints

Wordle is a popular word game that went viral in 2021. People might think it was a post-pandemic effect as many regions still had lockdowns, but that is not true for Wordle because it is still played by millions of people across the world.

Wordle is a web game that can be played only online. As it is a crossword puzzle, it often gets tough but sometimes remains easy, just like yesterday’s puzzle. It was very easy to guess; a few hints worked for it. However, today’s puzzle for June 23, 2023, is tough.

Wordle June 23 2023 Hints

Wordle is the most widely played web game. With each game, the answer to the Wordle changes. As it is a crossword puzzle game, we have to pay attention to the little details of the game.

It is a very fascinating game that will make you feel addicted to it. Although the game is played a lot, people get tired of trying and trying but not getting the right answer. Often, it gets tougher as the answer gets harder to guess. Many unpopular or unheard words are used.

The word for today is also quite tough, but do not get stressed, as we are always here to help you out. We provide hints and then answers. But once you go through the hints, you will guess the answer easily.

We are here to make your Wordle journey easy and help you keep up with your streak. The hints for today’s June 23, 2023, Wordle are given below:

  • The answer to today’s Wordle is a verb.
  • It has two vowels in it.
  • None of the letters are repeated.
  • The initials of the word in “C”
  • Similar words in the answer are wish and desire.

After these hints, your query about the answer is hopefully solved. But if it hasn’t, then we have provided you with the answers as well.

Wordle June 23 2023 Answer

Wordle changes the nature of its answer every day. Some days it gets easy, just like yesterday, and some days it gets tough, like today. Today’s answer to Wordle is quite tough, and it is okay if you haven’t understood the answer because the word is very uncommon. In general, people do not use these words in their day-to-day conversations.

Wordle June 23 2023 Answer - Wordle 734 Answer and Hints

Although words like these are easily found in books, like novels and especially the classics. We have provided hints, and once you have gone through them, you must go through them before reaching out to the answer, as it might help. And don’t forget, we are always here with the answer. The answer for Wordle June 23 2023, is “COVET”

Wordle 734 Answer meaning

“Covet” means to fervently hope for. The other meaning of “covet” is an excessive or culpable yearning for something that belongs to someone else.

Wordle Answer Archive

Playing with words is interesting, and knowing about different words keeps us knowledgeable. So if you have missed earlier Wordle answers, here’s an archive for you to explore and gain a little knowledge.

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How to play

Wordle is an easy-to-play game. Once you open the website, you’ll see a grid. On the same grid, you have filled in your answer. Once you are done filling in the five-letter word, it will turn yellow, gray, or green.

Yellow means the letter you have filled out is correct but placed wrong. Gray means the letters filled do not exist in the word. And green means letters and places are both correctly filled, which means you have achieved your answer. The game only gives its players six attempts to make guesses, so guess wisely.


Wordle is a popular web game. It changes the nature of its answer every day. The answers are never repeated. Every day there is a new word for difficult or easy. The answer to today’s Wordle, June 23, 2023, is tough enough, but like always, we have covered it all for you.

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