Wordle Answer June 14 2023 – Wordle 725 Answer and Hints

Wordle is a world-famous, entertaining, and enjoyable game that went viral last year. The game was developed by Josh Wardle. Since the NYTimes bought the web game, it has gone viral.

Yesterday’s puzzle was a bit tough because it was an unusual word that is rarely used in conversation. For the word from yesterday, you can check out our June 13, 2023, article with answers as well. Although the answer to June 14, 2023, is quite easy, To know the answer to puzzle number 725, on June 14, 2023, continue reading.

Wordle 725 Answer Hints

The popular game Wordle can be tough enough many times. The game can get hectic as it gets hard to guess the correct word with the limited number of chances given.

It needs your patience and attention. It is like a brain workout in which you will know how good your brain is at recalling and recognizing things. The requirement of hints is a necessity to solve the puzzle. Repetitive trials to get the right answer but always failing could be really annoying.

But with hints, it would become much easier to understand and put the answer in the game. To provide you with the latest puzzle, June 14, 2023, answer, we are here to help you through the hints.

  • The word is a noun and can be used in our daily lives.
  • The word has 3 consonants and 2 vowels.
  • The word initiates with a consonant but ends with a vowel.
  • The word is used in judicial or legal terms generally.
  • The word sounds similar to the word prime.

Hope you have somewhat guessed the answer, and if not or are still in doubt, keep reading to find the exact answer. 

Wordle 725 Answer

The answer to Wordle’s June 14, 2023, is not very difficult to guess. Just think of any heist or murder, and you will get your answer. The puzzle gets hard sometimes but not today.

Stimulate your brain; you are capable enough to think of the correct answer. However, there are several occasions in which our brain goes blank and doesn’t want to think anymore.

Wordle Answer June 14 2023 - Wordle 725 Answer and Hints
Wordle Answer June 14 2023 – Wordle 725 Answer and Hints

In the case of Wordle, our brain can get tired of guessing the answer several times. That’s why we are here to provide you with puzzle number 725, June 14, 2023, the answer to the Wordle, which is “CRIME.”

Wordle 725 Answer meaning

“Crime” is behavior that is seen to be worthy of condemnation or consequence by statute or common law, whether it involves an act or a failure to act.

Despite the fact that the majority of crimes involve the element of motive, some small ones may be committed under strict accountability even though the offender has no predetermined thoughts about committing the crime.

Wordle Answer Archive

To learn more about previous answers to Wordle, we have provided the archive words. These archive words might help you in your essay competition or show off some fancy words to your friends.

  • Tuesday 13th June(#724): PLUNK
  • Monday 12th June(#723): WRONG
  • Sunday 11th June(#722): GUARD
  • Saturday 10th June(#721): AGAIN
  • Friday 9th June (#720): BALSA
  • Thursday 8th June (#719): CRUMB
  • Wednesday 7th June (#718): HATER
  • Tuesday 6th June (#717): SCOUT
  • Monday 5th June (#716): ENNUI
  • Sunday 4th June (#715): BEAST
  • Saturday 3rd June (#714): NANNY

How to play Wordle

A grid of void white boxes measuring 5 by 6 is displayed as you first access the Wordle webpage. You make your best guess by inputting a five-letter word and then clicking “Enter.” 

Each space is capable of holding one letter. Any five-letter word is acceptable for a first guess since there won’t be any early hints. The main action in the Wordle game begins there.

The color inside each letter’s field alters once you pass down your guess. For those who are new, the web page offers a straightforward explanatory visual that explains everything in detail.


The very famous web game is played and loved by everyone, without any age barrier. The game levels up sometimes, making its answers tough to get. But like always, we’ve been here to help you with answers and hints. The answer to the June 14, 2023 Wordle is “crime.”

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