Wordle Answer June 13 2023 – Wordle 724 Answer and Hints

Hey folks, we are back again with yet another Wordle puzzle answer. As always, we are going to give you hints first because directly providing you with an answer will not encourage you to think of an answer on your own.

Of course, the answer will be given to you after you put in some effort. Like the previous Wordle answer of June 12, 2023, today’s answer of June 13, 2023, is not easy. Even we can call it a tough one. Let’s move on to know the answer to the world-famous Wordle puzzle of June 13, 2023.

Wordle June 13 2023 Hints

Wordle became popular in 2022, and people loved playing it. The answers are tough to guess many times, while sometimes you can guess them in just one try.

Hints for June 13, 2023, will be given to you, as today’s Wordle is quite tough and you will surely need some assistance, with which we are here. Puzzle number 723 will require some extra thinking and patience, as it may take a while to guess the right answer. Hints for June 13, 2023, are as follows:

  • The word in the answer is both a verb and a noun.
  • The word begins and ends in a consonant.
  • The answer contains a single vowel, which is A, I, E, O, and U.
  • Whenever anything gets dropped or hit, it makes a sound that is deep, resonant, and slightly hollow, and there is a word for the same, which is the answer to today’s Wordle.
  • The answer sounds similar to the word plank,” but the meaning is neither the same nor similar.

With all the hints, you must have come through with an answer in your mind, but if not or you have a doubt, you can further check the answer that we have provided.

Wordle Answer June 13 2023

Today’s word is not easy to guess. It takes a while to think of the correct answer, but with the hints given above, your task will be easier. As the answer is tricky, we will be helping you write the correct answer. The answer for Wordle Puzzle Number 724 of June 13, 2023, is ‘PLUNK.’

Wordle Answer June 13 2023
Wordle Answer June 13 2023

The word is rarely heard or said, though we might read it in books as slang. After three consecutive easy words, we have a tough one today. Yet the game feels interesting and engaging as usual. As many of us are unfamiliar with the word, we are here with the meaning as well.

Wordle 724 Answer meaning

As today’s answer is quite tough to guess and unusual, there are chances that many will not know the meaning of the word. It typically makes a unique, low-pitched sound that is connected to the impact of a solid item on a surface or the entry of a liquid. The “plunking” sound is frequently described as having a heavy, thudding nature.

Archives of Wordle

It’s always good to gain knowledge from everywhere. The Wordle answer archive might be interesting for you as every answer is distinct from one other, and some of them are rarely read or heard. Below, you’ll find Wordle’s Word archive.

  • Monday 12th June(#723): WRONG
  • Sunday 11th June(#722): GUARD
  • Saturday 10th June(#721): AGAIN
  • Friday 9th June (#720): BALSA
  • Thursday 8th June (#719): CRUMB
  • Wednesday 7th June (#718): HATER
  • Tuesday 6th June (#717): SCOUT
  • Monday 5th June (#716): ENNUI
  • Sunday 4th June (#715): BEAST
  • Saturday 3rd June (#714): NANNY

How to play Wordle

In case you are unfamiliar with the game, we will guide you on how to play. You can play the Wordle puzzle on the web. The player must guess the five-letter word that will show up on the display. Additionally, you’ll be given a total of six attempts to finish the crossword puzzle.

With each guess you make, the website will inform you whether your answer has the correct letter and if it is in the right place. You keep making assumptions as you try to figure out the riddle.


Wordle is a popular crossword puzzle game that is played across the globe. The answer for June 13, 2023, is quite tough and a rare word. The hints are provided along with the answer, which is “plunk.”

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