Wordle Answer June 11 2023 – Wordle 722 Answer and Hints

You must have heard about the popular web game Wordle. The game is all about words, as the name suggests. It is a word puzzle in which the player has to guess the correct word. The words have five letters. It gets hard to guess the word often, but yet again, we are here to help you with the answer.

Yesterday’s word puzzle was quite easy. It was a word we could use again and again in a day, the word was actually “again.” However, the June 11, 2023 answer is easy as well but gets slipped off people’s minds. Let’s move further to know more about the answer to puzzle number 722. 

Wordle 722 hints

Wordle has gained popularity in a short time. The game is compelling to people. If they could, they would be playing it repeatedly in a day; however, the renowned word game has a limit of one word guessing in a day.

It often gets hard to think of the answer, so people seek assistance to find out the right answer, or there are many people who are just impatient and want to know the answer.

Today we are here again to help you get the answer to the crossword puzzle. The right word is not tough, but it’s not way too easy. We will be dropping some hints so you can guess the right answer.

  • The word consists of two vowels, and by vowels we mean the letters A, I, E, U, and O. And the rest of the three letters are consonants.
  • The words from the past two days’ puzzles had repetitive letters, unlike them; this is not the case with June 11’s answer.
  • The word is often taken as a noun and a verb as well.
  • The five-letter word is similar to words like protect, sentry, or shield. 

After receiving all these hints, you must have understood what the answer could be. You can read further to know the right answer.

Wordle Answer June 11 2023

The answer to puzzle number 722 is easy if you think about it. The word is related to border security or simply the security of anyone or anything. The answer is used quite commonly in our day-to-day slang.

Wordle Answer June 11 2023 - Wordle 722 Answer and Hints
Wordle Answer June 11 2023 – Wordle 722 Answer and Hints

So for those who are annoyed by guessing the word several times, the answer for June 11, 2023, Wordle crossword is “GUARD”. The five-letter word is frequently used in many places, yet it gets tough many times to think of the right answer. It is possible that even the known answers can slip from our minds, which is completely fine and you need not be stressed about it.

Wordle Answer June 11 2023 meaning

The answer to June 11, 2023, is easy, but for the people who don’t know its meaning or are just confused about the word, let us assist you with that.

A guard can refer to a person or a collection of individuals whose mission it is to keep a person, place, or thing safe from harm or attack, or to keep a person, such as a criminal, from escaping or protecting a royal or palace. For instance, in the palace, the former president was protected by armed guards.

Archives from Wordle

There have been 721 answers guessed so far by the Wordle player. You can find them all in our archive given below.

  • Saturday 10 June(#721): AGAIN
  • Friday 9 June(#720): BALSA
  • Thursday 8 June (#719): CRUMB
  • Wednesday 7 June (#718): HATER
  • Tuesday 6 June (#717): SCOUT
  • Monday 5 Jume (#716): ENNUI
  • Sunday 4 June (#715): BEAST
  • Saturday 3 June (#714): NANNY
  • Friday 2 June (#713): HUMID
  • Thursday 1 June (#712): JAZZY

How to play Wordle

Make each of your six guesses count when you try to figure out the 5-letter word of the day!

Write your initial estimate, then hit or click Enter to see if any letters match. A green tile means you correctly predicted the letter at the right location in the word. If you predict a letter that is in the word but is not where it should be, you get a yellow tile.

To retry, use the information you learned from your initial estimate. Avoid using any of the grey letters because they are not at all present in the current Wordle.


The most popular crossword online game has become compelling. People get attracted to it even after it becomes complex. People are always eager to guess the five-letter word through hints and are keen to answer directly. June 11, 2023, the answer is “guard.”

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