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The NYT-owned puzzle game has gone viral and has become very popular. Despite being a modern-day web game, it is loved by all, despite their age.

Everybody is so fascinated by the game, and they sometimes want to play it more than once. Like every other word game, it gets you into deep thinking to think of the right word.

Like yesterday’s puzzle, June 11, 2023, and today’s puzzle, June 12, 2023, is quite easy. To get the right answer, you just have to concentrate; even if you can’t, we are always here to provide hints and answers.

Wordle 723 Hints

We are up again to help you with the June 12, 2023, Wordle puzzle. We know you are eager to know the answer, but we always appreciate your efforts.

That’s why we will be giving you hints first, then revealing the correct answer. The answer is easy, and with the hints, you cannot miss the right answer. The hints are further provided.

  • The word is an adjective and a verb as well.
  • It does not involve any repetitive letters.
  • The letters definitely have a vowel; they are A, I, O, U, and E.
  • If somebody has made some kind of mistake, you can tell them a certain thing or call them that.
  • The answer also has some similar words, such as incorrect, false, untrue, and many more like them.
  • The answer starts with the letter preceding X in the alphabetical chart.

From our end, the hints are provided, and now you just have to think a little and boom! You have the answer. The answer is easy enough; you just have to recall it. Just in case you are still in a dilemma, you can proceed further to know the correct answer.

Wordle 723 Answer

The answer for June 12, 2023, Wordle puzzles can be used to describe an omission, a mistake, an assertion, or behavior that goes against accepted standards, guidelines, or values.

Wordle 723 Answer and Hints - Wordle Answer Today
Wordle 723 Answer and Hints – Wordle Answer Today

We often use the word, so it is very easy, with all the hints provided, to recall it. It must have clicked in your mind by now, but if it didn’t, it’s absolutely okay because our brains cannot remember everything spontaneously. Also, the web game Wordle can be referred to as a brain exercise game. The answer to puzzle number 723 is “WRONG.” 

Wordle 723 Answe meaning

Today’s answer from the crossword puzzle describes a situation or scenario in which something differs from the anticipated or desired result, comprehension, or criterion. The word “wrong” is a frequently used word.

Wordle Answer Archive

Wordle answers are always interesting and tricky to find out. If you have missed the previous answer or have forgotten, then check out the list below.

  • Sunday 11th June(#722): GUARD
  • Saturday 10th June(#721): AGAIN
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  • Tuesday 6th June (#717): SCOUT
  • Monday 5th June (#716): ENNUI
  • Sunday 4th June (#715): BEAST
  • Saturday 3rd June (#714): NANNY

How to play Wordle

You get a total of six chances to come across a word with five letters in the Wordle game. Six rows and five columns make up the layout on which the game is set up.

Put a 5-letter word in the first line of the form to create your most unique hypothesis, then press Enter. Each letter in the prediction will be colored green, yellow, or gray.

Green means the letter exists in the word but is not where it is now, whereas gray means the letter is completely absent from the word. Yellow denotes that a letter in the word is not where it should be.


The answer of June 12, 2023, is a second easy guess after yesterday’s June 11, 2023. A little thought will get you the answer. Though we are here with solved puzzles, the answer is “wrong.”

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