Wordle 720 Answer and Hints – Wordle answer June 9 2023

Wordle is considered one of the best word puzzle games. Though people struggle to guess the words, they still love it very much, and in a short period of time, it gained a huge fan following. Have you played it yet? If not, you should because it’s free.

And those who are playing, how did you find yesterday’s puzzle? Was it tough or easy? Do you also find it tough sometimes to guess the right word and wonder if you could have hints or even answers?

Then you’re at the right place, and sometimes it’s okay to get hints or answers for your puzzle. Let’s move further to learn more about the hints and answers of June 9.

Wordle hint June 9 2023

Wordle is among the most engaging word puzzles. A lot of times, it gets hard to find the answer, and players wonder if they could get any hints. So here we are with hints for the June 9 word puzzle. Of course, it’s not an easy word to think about, but we will provide hints that will make it easy to guess.

The word has five characters and is not used much in day-to-day life but can be found in certain objects. The letter with which it begins is the letter of the alphabet that comes after “A.” Now you might have guessed it; it’s obviously “B.” Another hint you can take is that it has two vowels, and by vowels, we mean A,I,E,O, and U.

Sometimes people get confused among vowels; just to be clear, we have mentioned it. One of the letters is repeated, and it is apparently a vowel as well. You can catch on to another hint as the answer is basically a type of wood used to make certain home decorating objects and boats as well.

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By now, you must have understood the answer and guessed the right word. In case you didn’t or want to be sure, keep reading to find the answer.

Wordle answer June 9 2023

Wordle is a world-famous crossword puzzle game. It can get tricky, and people might struggle with finding the answer. So here we are for you all who do not want hints because you don’t want to beat around the bush and get straight to the answer.

Wordle 720 Answer and Hints - Wordle answer June 9 2023
Wordle 720 answer and hints

The answer to puzzle number 720 is not something very common that we use in our daily lives. But it plays a relevant role in our lives. The answer for Wordle 720 is BALSA.

Each and every answer to the word puzzle is unique and contrasts with prior answers. Sometimes it’s even hard to understand the meaning. Read further to know the meaning of BALSA.

Today Wordle answer meaning

The answer to word puzzle number 720 is BALSA. Not everyone is familiar with the word, but the word balsa basically means wood. It is a silk-cotton family tropical American tree (Ochroma pyramidale, synonym Ochroma lagopus) with incredibly light and sturdy wood used primarily for floats.

It is used for making boats because of its floating feature. They are also used for making home decoration pieces.

Wordle Answer Archive

Want to know about previous word puzzle answers as well? We are here with that too.

  • Thursday 8 June (#719): CRUMB
  • Wednesday 7 June (#718): HATER
  • Tuesday 6 June (#717): SCOUT
  • Monday 5 Jume (#716): ENNUI
  • Sunday 4 June (#715): BEAST
  • Saturday 3 June (#714): NANNY
  • Friday 2 June (#713): HUMID
  • Thursday 1 June (#712): JAZZY

How to play Wordle

Wordle is an easy-to-play game. You have to open the website, and then you have six chances to correctly guess the five-letter word of the day. Write the guess and submit it by pressing the “enter” button.

After the submission, the color of the tiles will change. A yellow tile signifies that you chose the correct letter but placed it incorrectly.

The green tile shows that you chose the proper letter in the exact position. The gray tile shows that the letter you selected is not at all contained in the term.


The Wordle is an easy-to-play, most popular word-cross puzzle game among many. Though sometimes it gets tricky and people need hints or answers, we are here to provide them. The answer to puzzle 720 of June 9 is BALSA.

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