Why was Luca not in SWAT Season 3?

A well-known character made a welcome return to the CBS procedural’s cast in SWAT Season 4, Episode 12. Dominic Luca (played by Kenny Johnson), Hondo (Shemar Moore), and the other members of the SWAT team were reunited in the episode titled “U-Turn.” The character spent the majority of Season 4 apart from the rest of the group, so this reunion was welcome.

Luca sustained an injury toward the end of Season 3 and needed hip surgery. After that, he had trouble passing his fitness test, which caused fans to fear that the character might be leaving.

In SWAT Season 4, he did, however, make a few fleeting cameos. The character made a video call from Germany to the team during the premiere, and he then spoke with them again a few months later before making a full comeback in “U-Turn.”

Who is Luca on SWAT?

In the well-known TV show, Kenny Johnson’s character Luca plays an important role on the SWAT team. He is an interesting addition to the group because he brings a distinctive set of abilities and character traits. 

He always seems to have a knack for coming up with original solutions, whether it is handling high-stress tactical operations or defusing tense hostage situations.

However, Luca is more than just a SWAT officer with specialties. His character is shaped by the experiences and personal journeys he has had. Luca has encountered both physical and emotional difficulties throughout the course of the show, which has given his portrayal more nuance.

Luca is leaving Season 3

Viewers were curious about Luca’s whereabouts because he was absent for the majority of Season 4. The character needed hip surgery due to an injury that occurred toward the end of Season 3. He then encountered difficulties passing his fitness test, which worried fans that he might be leaving the show.

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Fans were thrilled to see Dominic Luca, played by Kenny Johnson, return in the most recent episode of SWAT Season 4, “U-Turn,” which can be watched online right now on Paramount+. By reuniting him with Shemar Moore’s Hondo and the rest of the SWAT team, this eagerly anticipated reunion brought Luca back into the CBS procedural.

Why was Luca not in SWAT Season 3
Why was Luca not in SWAT Season 3?

Luca did appear briefly in a few episodes of SWAT Season 4 despite these lingering questions. Fans got a glimpse of his ongoing involvement in team operations in the season premiere when he made an appearance via video call from Germany. 

Why was Luca not in SWAT Season 3?

Due to his involvement in another project called Reacher, Kenny Johnson, who is best known for his role as Dominic Luca on SWAT, was unable to join the third season of the show. In the movie Reacher, Johnson played the title character, a former military police investigator who sets out on a quest to find his brother in Margrave, Georgia.

This Lee Child novel-based crime drama series had its Amazon Prime Video debut on February 4, 2022. It received positive reviews and commercial success, and in April 2022, it was renewed for a second season.

While fans were disappointed by Johnson’s absence from SWAT Season 3, it was understandable given his commitment to the demanding role in Reacher.

Season 3 of S.W.A.T. saw the loss of one of its key cast members.

After Stephanie Sigman’s departure earlier this year, we were relieved to learn that Kenny’s absence is temporary because we were not sure we could handle another significant departure. 

The 32-year-old actress, who portrayed Captain Jessica Cortez on the program’s first two seasons, announced in October that she was leaving S.W.A.T.

“The news has spread! Jessica Cortez is embarking on new adventures! And I am with you on that,” the brunette beauty wrote in an Instagram story.

Happy with the 45 episodes that have been produced over the past two seasons. I am grateful and proud of the courage this character gave me during the challenging acting lessons I had to undergo to play Captain Cortez.

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Lucas on SWAT – FAQs

Why isn’t Luca in season 4 of SWAT?

In the episode “Sea Legs,” viewers learned that the reason Luca is missing is that he is getting treatment for hip and back issues. The mechanic would soon return to the field, according to Jim, who described him as “indestructible.”

Why did Captain Cortez leave SWAT?

Sigman left the CBS procedural series, much like Lina Esco had done with SWAT, in order to pursue other opportunities. Following his departure from the program, Sigman voiced Abueli in the podcast series Potato.

Is Luca leaving Swat season 6?

For season 6, all of the major characters except for Esco are anticipated to return: Daniel “Hondo” Harrelson is played by Shemar Moore. Jim Street, played by Alex Russell. Kenny Johnson performs as Dominique Luca.

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