Why is Kevin Costner Leaving Yellowstone?

The Dutton family’s story is far from over for Yellowstone fans. However, Kevin Costner may have different plans.

Deadline reported in February, one month after the drama’s midseason finale from season 5 aired on Paramount Network, that showrunner and co-creator Taylor Sheridan had decided to end the show when it returns later this year.

The publication claims that Kevin’s request to only “spend a week shooting” the remaining six episodes prompted the rumored decision.

Why has Kevin Costner decided to leave Yellowstone? 

In February, it was reported by Variety that Costner might be leaving Yellowstone due to plan changes, and the Cutoff time detailed that Costner needed to shoot the last part of season five in seven days.

According to Deadline, Paramount refused this request and threatened to simply move on to a new Matthew McConaughey-starring spin-off. However, there are different bits of hearsay that the issues go further than planning clashes. Despite earning between $1.2 and $1.5 million per episode—the highest salary on television—Costner is reportedly at odds with executives over money (Costner’s lawyer denies the claim).

What’s more, it appears like this fracture cannot be fixed. Early in May, ET reported that Costner would not return to Yellowstone after the fifth season. This was somewhat of a foregone conclusion given that Paramount had previously stated that his series would end after the fifth season.

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However, that would also exclude him from any subsequent spin-offs. It’s likewise hanging out there assuming he’ll try and get back to complete Yellowstone by any stretch of the imagination — sources tell Cutoff time it’s hazy whether he’ll have returned to film the last episodes. It would be disappointing for fans who have been following the show from the beginning to have Costner dismiss it off-camera.

When will the second episode of Yellowstone Season 5 air? 

Deadline reports that the final episode of Yellowstone season 5 will be released in November 2023. The episodes’ production should begin in August, but given the writers’ strike, that may not be the case.

What’s going on in Yellowstone?

After both of them pulled out of a festival panel at the last minute, rumors began to circulate that Costner and the creator of the Yellowstone series, Taylor Sheridan, had bad blood at the beginning of April. Costner’s future on the show was being questioned, and there were reports that Costner and Sheridan were fighting over money. Fans were, to put it mildly, up in arms.

Why is Kevin Costner Leaving Yellowstone
Why is Kevin Costner Leaving Yellowstone?

An interesting development was the explosive report that was published last week by The Wall Street Journal about the enormous budgets of Sheridan’s shows, such as Yellowstone and its prequel, 1923.

That’s what the WSJ detailed, inside, leaders have communicated disappointments over the creation costs (an episode of 1923 can cost upwards of $22 million), albeit a Foremost representative denied any issues with the power source.

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The agreement that he has with the network is to rent his horses and use his preferred experts. The spokesperson for Paramount said that this arrangement is effective, but the level of power he has over the network is something that WSJ called “unusual.”

Do you know if Matthew McConaughey will appear in Yellowstone?

Following the conclusion of the first film, Yellowstone, Paramount has confirmed that a sequel will be released in December. Chris McCarthy, president,t, and CEO of MTV Entertainment Group, confirmed to The Hollywood Reporter last month that Matthew McConaughey would lead the sequel, even though the entire cast has not yet been announced.

Additionally, McCarthy stated that he and Sheridan are working on more than ten projects, giving Western drama fans plenty to anticipate.

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