Why did Simon and Garfunkel split? What did Simon say about his split up with Garfunkel?

One of the most well-known musical acts of the 1960s was Simon & Garfunkel. Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel were a duet that together was at the forefront of the folk-rock genre that captivated the nation during the decade.

They were one of the best-selling bands of the period because of their masterfully written melodies, and they had international number-one successes.

Why did Simon and Garfunkel split up?

It seems as though the pair’s nasty rivalry is responsible for their split up. Their developing rivalry worried the band’s manager Mort Lewis, who once pointed out that both Simon and Garfunkel had envied each other’s place in the team.

Paul frequently believed that Artie was the star since he was the featured vocalist and that some viewers may have even believed that he composed the songs. However, Artie was aware that Paul was the songwriter and so had controlled the duo’s future.

Garfunkel referenced Simon’s betrayal

In his 2017 memoirs “Notes from an Underground Man” and “Is It All But Luminous,” Garfunkel confirmed Mort’s suspicions. Paul’s treachery with Big Records was brought up again. Garfunkel said that he decided in an eighth of a second that had shattered the friendship forever. 

He said that he would never forgive nor would he forget. Garfunkel added further that though Paul received writer’s royalties, Garfunkel got the girls. 

Simon was struggling with mental health

Paul Simon was also suffering from mental illness and self-doubt. For many years, he had gone from one to another session of therapy. In 1984, Simon shared that numerous people used to look at him and wonder how that person could fall into depression. He further added that later on he realized that other people’s perceptions of him were more correct than his own. 

We had grown apart, Simon said, referring to their relationship. Simon continued that regarding music, both of them had different viewpoints. They lived 11 years of independent record-making, about which we may disagree with them.

Simon and Garfunkel duo and independent works

Duo Works: After working together in “Hey Schoolgirl,” the duo further released “That’s My Story” and “Our Song.” Unfortunately, neither of the songs was a hit. Other works include “Sparrow,” “The Sound Of Silence,” and “He Was My Brother.” They premiered an album “Wednesday Morning, 3 a.m.,” and many more in the list.  

Simon Solo Works: Simon worked on “True or False” under “True Taylor,” while he was still signed to the Big Records duo. 

Garfunkel Solo Works: Garfunkel also gained recognition in his solo works like “All I Know,” “Notes From An Underground Man,” and “Is It All About Luminous.” 

Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel

In 1953, Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel first connected at their primary school in Queens, New York. They started composing stuff and developing what would turn into a very successful collaboration at this point. They first went by the moniker Tom & Jerry as a group, which was appropriate for the period and their youth.

Why did Simon and Garfunkel split?
Why did Simon and Garfunkel split?

However, contrary to appearances, this was not inspired by the cartoon. Simon would go as Simon Jerry Landis, adopting the last name of a lady he had dated, while Garfunkel would go by Tom Graph in allusion to his love of mathematics.

“Hey Schoolgirl”

The earliest track of Simon and Garfunkel, “Hey Schoolgirl” brought them a big opportunity in terms of their first success at 15. 

Sid Prosen signed Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel to the independent label Big Records. At Sanders Recording Studio in Manhattan, Prosen had overheard them working on “Hey Schoolgirl,” one of their early songs. It’s interesting that this recording only cost $25, which, because of inflation, is equivalent to almost $244 in today’s currency.

Their work “Hey Schoolgirl” was released in 1957. “Hey, Schoolgirl” had captivated its audiences across the world and sold 100,000 copies just within a month of its release. It ranked 49 on the Billboard Charts.  

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Simon and Garfunkel – FAQs

Why did Simon and Garfunkel split up?

The famous duo singers may split because of each other’s insecurity. Garfunkel considered Simon treacherous after Simon released his solo work. Simon was insecure about his height. 

What were the works of Simon and Garfunkel?

The earliest work that gained recognition for the duo was “Hey Schoolgirl.” After that, they released numerous works like “That’s My Story,” “Our Song,” “Sparrow,” “The Sound Of Silence,” “He Was My Brother,” “Wednesday Morning, 3 a.m.,” and many more works on the list.

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