Why did Lexi and Rae break up?

One pairing in particular gave us the willies. The series’ fan favorite, Lexi Goldberg, gave Rae Cheung-Sutton an ultimatum when she hesitated to move their relationship forward. Once they participated in the experiment and Vanessa Papa entered the picture, things only got worse. 

When Lexi got the impression that Vanessa had joined the series for the wrong reasons, their relationship, which involved the series’ troublemaker, quickly fell apart. When Vanessa and Rae teamed up for their trial marriage and admittedly had sex with each other while doing so, the tension only grew more intense. 

Why did Lexi and Rae break up?

Following their experience on The Ultimatum, Lexi and Rae accomplished a joyful milestone when they happily accepted their engagement and eagerly started the fun process of organizing their impending wedding.

Rae expressed her admiration for their relationship in the show’s finale, calling the previous year truly remarkable as it showed off their blissful state.

However, their joy was fleeting, as it frequently is in real-world relationships. Sadly, a title card that revealed that the couple’s relationship ultimately broke down soon after their appearance at the cast reunion was revealed at the episode’s conclusion.

Did Lexi and Rae break up after “The Ultimate: Queer Love”?

Lexi and Rae were seen together at the reunion for The Ultimatum: Queer Love, but it was later learned that they broke up soon after the special. In an interview with Rae for Netflix Tudum, she said, “It just kind of just got to a point where we could not come to terms with certain differences.” 

Why did Lexi and Rae break up
Why did Lexi and Rae break up?

Although Rae claims to respect her ex-girlfriend, Lexi, who was the relationship’s dominant figure, Rae believes that by ending the relationship, she was able to assert herself and acquire more power. She wants to start over, so she is moving to Los Angeles from Orange County.

Lexi, on the other hand, is thriving with a new career and a new love interest. She also claimed to have become close friends with her trial wife, Mal Wright, after the ordeal was over and that their relationship would last forever. 

Lexi’s New Romance

Lexi recently started dating someone new, and she says that this new relationship has everything that she was looking for in her first relationship with Rae but was unable to find. Lexi discovered specific qualities and compatibility factors she desired in a partner as a result of her trial marriage with Mal.

It is crucial to remember, though, that Lexi and Mal still have a close friendship and that their once-romantic relationship has since changed to one of platonic friendship. Despite the absence of romantic involvement, their relationship is still important and valued.

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