Why did Anuel and Yailin break up?

Anuel AA revealed that he has separated from his wife, Yailin La Más Viral, in an abrupt turn of events. On February 9, he declared during an early-morning Instagram live that he and his pregnant, now ex-partner are not together.

Despite their confirmed separation, it appears that Anuel AA and his expectant wife Yailin La Más Viral are asking each other, “Que Nos Pasó?” On Instagram Live, the “La Jeepeta” reggaetonero announced their breakup and discussed his current emotions.

Yailin and Anuel AA’s relationship timeline— It was never smooth 

Things moved quickly after Anuel AA and Yailin’s official confirmation of their relationship in January 2022. The Dominican dancer and influencer captioned a sweet video of herself kissing her boyfriend Anuel on Instagram with the phrase “My mate.”

The whirlwind persisted and intensified with each passing hour. Only a few days later, Yailin published a video of Anuel placing a stunning diamond ring on her finger. “Engaged already,” the dancer says, alluding to a forthcoming nuptial.

The two provided even more detail about their relationship when they posed for People in Spanish in March. They acted like “two kids” together, according to Yailin, who claimed that “we are us, the same person in different bodies.” Anuel agreed: “With her, I don’t have to hide in any way or change anything.”

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By June 10, the two had been legally wed and appeared to be enjoying their union more than ever.

By the second half of 2022, rumors of a divorce after the wedding had started to circulate. However, the two dispelled the rumors when they revealed something very special: Yailin’s pregnancy.

Why did Anuel and Yailin break up?
Why did Anuel and Yailin break up?

Anuel and Yailin shared identical Instagram videos of the couple’s gender reveal celebration on November 21. “I am going to be a dad,” Anuel wrote in the caption of his photo, expressing his love for Yailin.

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If he intends to support her musical endeavors and has already referred to Cattleya as “la nena de papi.” After all, the two have a reputation for experiencing ups and downs.

Why did Anuel and Yailin break up?

There were numerous rumors spread on the networks about possible reasons why the couple split up. One of them is that Anuel decided to leave because he was paying Yailin $400,000 per month for cosmetic procedures, makeup, and wigs.

On the other hand, it was suggested in the program “Voces Critics” that the singer’s breakup was caused by the Dominican artist’s growing suspicions of the reggaeton singer’s infidelity.

Additionally, they claimed that the couple would have fought in the middle of a discussion about the circumstances because the woman turned violent after learning the truth.

It is for this reason that they would have chosen to part ways. They also confirmed that Anuel AA would have moved out of the house they shared.

Both musicians have not released any statements to date regarding this crucial subject.

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