Why did Angelina and Chris divorce? All the cheating allegations explained

This is a touchy subject, Jersey Shore fans! Complexity abounds! Angelina Pivarnick and Chris Larangeira’s relationship has experienced ups and downs over the years, as have fans of the Jersey Shore. 

Why did Angelina and Chris divorce?

There are several reasons why Angelina and Chris divorced. From allegations of infidelity to a dearth of communication on Chris’s end. Chris and Angelina have both allegedly been having affairs, according to rumors and accusations.

Before starting to date romantically in 2016, the ex-lovers were longtime friends. In January 2018, they got married to advance their relationship. But things went south pretty quickly; the former couple struggled greatly and twice filed for divorce. Here is the whole story.

Chris Cheating Speculation

In a 2021 episode of the MTV program, Angelina told Jenni that Chris had been discovered hanging out at a bar with a 22-year-old woman.

Angelina confessed to putting a tracker in Chris’ car. Later, she found out that he had spent almost 11 hours in a hotel room with his friend and two women.

Angelina informed Jenni that the man claimed nothing occurred in the space. He never acknowledges the consequences of his actions. That nothing occurred is what he is saying. He claimed that the two girls slept in one bed while he and his male friend shared another.

Angelina’s Cheating Speculations

Meanwhile, Angelina has been charged with having an affair with her ex-husband. Although she consistently insisted that she was faithful to Chris, her Jersey Shore castmates have accused her of cheating on him in previous seasons. 

Part 2 of season 5 will feature more development of the drama. During a preview for a future episode, Mike referred to Angelina as a “cheater.” After the video, the guido got into a heated argument about how she had “several side flings” during their marriage.

Angelina and Luis hooked up

In June 2022, it was revealed on Jersey Shore: Family Vacation that Angelina and Luis got together while All-Star Shore was being filmed.

The Acapulco Shore star made Angelina “feel special,” she said, adding, “Something I have not felt in a long time.” Angelina acknowledged this to costar Deena Cortese. Later, Deena questioned Luis about having sex with Angelina over FaceTime, and she said it was “lovemaking”.

The divorce filings

A Middlesex County Family Court official in New Jersey confirmed to In Touch in July of that year that Angelina filed for divorce from Chris in January 2021.

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During a conversation with Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino for a 2021 Jersey Shore: Family Vacation episode that was filmed months earlier in late 2020, she acknowledged the crucial step toward ending their relationship.

Why did Angelina and Chris divorce
Why did Angelina and Chris divorce?

Even though Chris had left their house weeks earlier, Angelina acknowledged that she had not yet served him with the papers at the time. 

Chris once again requested a divorce from Angelina in January 2022, this time citing “irreconcilable differences” as the cause of their separation. The fact that the ex-couple has not publicly reconciled since filing for divorce suggests that the breakup is final.

Who is Angelina dating now?

On May 9, Angelina announced her return to the dating scene on TikTok. The reality star nodded in agreement with the man’s remarks and wore a shocked expression. “When you are on reality television, try entering the dating scene once more,” the text on the screen read.

Jersey Shore: Family Vacation shows major marriage problems

During the June 23 Jersey Shore: Family Vacation episode, Angelina talked more openly about their marital issues. The episode featured Angelina getting ready to leave town to film All-Star Shore.

Before departing for Spain to shoot the Paramount+ show, she admitted that she and Chris had a contentious argument. After two years of marriage, the TV personality shockingly revealed that she and Chris had only one sexual encounter.

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Angelina and Chris divorce – FAQs

What happened between Angelina and Chris?

When her husband left during the season, Angelina explained that it was the result of just one argument between them. She explained it in a June 2021 episode of Jersey Show: Family Vacation. “We got into a fight and he moved in with his mother, and it is been a few weeks now.” 

Why did Angelina file for divorce from Chris?

Jersey Shore star Angelina Pivarnick finalizes divorce, It appears that Pivarnick’s admission that she clicked with her “All-Star Shore” co-star Luis Caballero was the tipping point. 

Did Chris get money from Angelina?

Angelina is required to give Christopher $22,000 according to the divorce decree. This is his share of the money that was given to the parties to cover the cost of their wedding, which is 50%.

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