Who is Selena Gomez Dating Now?

In a 2021 interview with Vogue Australia, Selena referred to her previous romances as “cursed.” She remarked at the time, “I feel like most of my relationship experiences have been cursed.”

When I was in relationships, I was much too young to have been exposed to certain things. Since I never truly felt equal in relationships in the past and felt so inferior, I think I needed to figure out what that phrase meant for me.

All the rumors…

Throughout the summer of 2022, there were several Selena Gomez dating rumors surfaced. She was allegedly dating director Andrea Iervolino following their vacation to Italy. However, after seeing the vocalist of the band Rare going hand in hand with a certain electronic artist, people started to speculate that the two were dating.

However, given that they were spotted out to dinner together earlier this year, it appears that she could be dating the Trampoline singer.

It’s safe to say there’s a lot to take in following Selena Gomez’s most recent, incredibly spilling TikTok. So before we go through her prior relationships, let’s first address a more urgent inquiry: who, if anybody, is Selena Gomez seeing right now?

Who is Selena Gomez Dating?

When it comes to pop diva Selena, relationship rumors tend to surface everywhere, just as they do for the majority of celebrities, such as the dating history of Meghann Fahy or Dua Lipa.

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Although Selena Gomez does not currently have a spouse, recent rumors have linked the Rare Beauty businesswoman to Zayn Malik after they were seen out to dinner in New York City. However, the two have not been seen out in public together since.

Who is Selena Gomez Dating Now
Who is Selena Gomez Dating Now?

Selena, however, appeared to disprove these rumors on March 15, 2023, when she used TikTok to lipsynch the line: ‘I hate it when females are like, ‘Oh my god, my crush doesn’t even know that I exist.” Girl, I don’t even have a crush on you. She added the caption, “Still,” to the video as well.

Considering what had happened between her and Zayn, she may have simply been mouthing the audio for entertainment purposes.

Selena Gomez and Zayn Malik

People hold on to your hats because these two legends of the music industry were spotted having dinner together in March. A witness told Entertainment Tonight that the couple was “holding hands and were kissing,” and that it was “clear that it was a date” since they appeared to be at ease with one another.

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The romance appears to have advanced further now that model Gigi Hadid, who was once romantically involved with Zayn and has a child with him, has allegedly stated that she wouldn’t mind if they got together. 

Selena and Zayn, however, haven’t been spotted together since this event!

Selena says she is single! 

Selena Gomez, star of Murders in the Building, is the only person to recently declare her single status in a social media video.

The singer and actress could be seen sitting on the sidelines at a nearby football game and sarcastically attempting to flirt with the players in a post published to her TikTok account.

She yelled, “I’m single.” I simply tend to be a bit fussy. However, I adore you so much.

Unfortunately, despite her star status, Gomez’s charisma didn’t seem to win the squad over.

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