Who is Jasmine White 403? Why did TikTok ban the young content creator Jasmine White403? 

TikTok, a popular social media platform, is known for its diverse and often unconventional content. Within its vast community of creators, you can find an array of videos that can be described as bizarre, quirky, or offbeat.

From surreal comedy sketches to unique artistic expressions, TikTok has become a hub for creative experimentation and self-expression.

Whether it’s unexpected dance routines, bizarre challenges, or eccentric storytelling, users have pushed the boundaries of what can be shared and enjoyed in short, entertaining videos. Today we have brought you another bizarre viral content creator, named Jasmine White 403.

Who is Jasmine White? 

It is not much known about her age and the place she belonged, as she never revealed her personal information. Some of the users, after her videos went viral, tried to know about her but could not succeed. 

Her journey as a TikTok video maker.

Jasmine White 403 started her journey as a content creator on TikTok with the same name mentioned here. She became famous soon after she uploaded her video in which she is eating raw chicken, fish, and birds. The video that she uploaded has received over 61.6 million views on the app. 

TikTok authority removed the account of Jasmine White 403 from the app. As her account disappeared suddenly, therefore we do not have an update about it. 

Viewer’s reaction and comments on her video : 

Many TikTok users have warned not to watch people like Jasmine White 403. It created immense enthusiasm in other users and they started searching for her name. Let’s introduce you to some of the comments on her video by TikTok users : 

One TikTok user commented that Jasmine White 403 is going to meet Ms. Salmonella. 

Another one commented that he or she was going to pretend it was one of those hyperrealistic cakes. 

Similar comments could be seen on the videos that she uploaded on her account. But now that her account has been removed, people are searching by her name on TikTok and other social media platforms, especially on YouTube. 

A famous YouTube content creator has made videos on her. A YouTube influencer with a channel name ‘Asher Extra’, has made a video reacting to her activities such as eating raw chicken. He even called it ‘disgusting’ and ‘rare’. 

Did TikTok ban Jasmine White 403?

Yes, the TikTok authority banned her and removed her account from the app. The administrator has not provided any official reason for why her account disappeared suddenly from the app but it is collectively believed that her actions were not socially acceptable.

Who is Jasmine White 403
Who is Jasmine White 403?

Earlier, the video of eating raw chicken was removed and then the account was completely removed.

What is Jasmin White 403 doing now? 

For sure it is not known ‘what is she doing now for living?’ as she also disappeared after she was banned on TikTok. Nobody even knows whether she tried to create a new account or not. Neither she was seen on TikTok nor any other social media platforms. 

All we can say is that it was one of the rarest activities and videos seen on social media which now has become a new trend. Nobody knows what all these new content creators want to display; is it for fame, views, money, or all of these? 

People also asked: Is it okay to eat raw chicken?

No, eating raw chicken is not safe. Serious health risks can result from eating raw or undercooked chicken. Salmonella and Campylobacter are two dangerous bacteria that can cause foodborne illnesses and are present in raw chicken.

These bacteria can be eliminated and the meat is made safe for consumption by thoroughly cooking chicken until it reaches an internal temperature of 165°F (74°C). To prevent cross-contamination, it is critical to handle raw chicken with care, keep it apart from other foods, and maintain good hygiene.

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FAQs about Jasmine White 403

Who is Jasmine White 403? 

She is a social media influencer who used to upload videos on TikTok.

Why is she in the news?

She was banned on TikTok. She made some unexpecting videos in which she was eating raw chicken and fish.

How many views did she get on her videos? 

On a video in which she was eating raw chicken, she got 61.1 million views.

Why did TikTok ban her? 

TikTok has not given an official reason for why her account suddenly disappeared but people are assuming that it happened because of her disgusting action.

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